ktish's Build Thread

Figured now would be a good time to introduce myself and make my own thread.

My name is Kyle and I drive an Ocean Blue Pearl 2.0t 6MT Avant:


I purchased this car a little over two years ago as my first car. I was so excited. Cleaned it up inside and out and started the mods. First being clear corners:

Every car needs tints:


Then, stuff started going wrong:


Not good for boost, so Rev D. was put in. Decidedto check the cam follower everybody talks about soooooo much:



Well, shit. Buttoned her up, and brought it to my local Audi dealer where they replaced the hpfp, cam, associated seals etc.
So tall:

So I got tired of the APR catback with OEM cat because drone. So, called the boys over at JHM who hooked me up with the first(oustide JHM) DP-Y and testpipe. Paired that to a B6 s4 catback and we were in business:


Konis, 034 upper control arms, and FCP everything else to provide low life:


Picked up some Rimzz:


So that’s basically the story of where I am today.
Things I haven’t mentioned:
034 RSB
Symph 2+ headunit with Aux port
JHM boost gauge
JHM Stage1 tune
JHM knob +trio package
Fly300kts headlights
Debadged rear
RAI CC(eww)

Things I intend to do:
S4 brake conversion
RS4 hatch spoiler
Stage 2 tune
Interior swap w/ black

People I’d like to thank:
Dru @JHM
The rest of the boys over at JHM

I plan to keep this updated with whatever little crap I do to the car and I’m always looking for advice or tips from everybody here :smiley:

Nice intro thread. Strong mod list.

Welcome to Audirevolution. Stunning car. Very impressive work. Love the pictures. Looking forward to reading more updates.

Have you raced any other 2.0T A4 guys?

Can’t say I have. I would like to get out to the strip at some point but I’m still on the stock clutch (with 100k at that).



Get’r done!


Nice to see you post a build thread, the car looks great, and like I had mentioned previously, much less phallic than Dru’s avant.

Any plans to hit the drag strip?

Sounds like next summer I may go to the strip.




This is great keep going

There may be a trip to the track soon… We just have to get there before the end of the month.

Nice car!

Love the Lotus, too!

Not much of an update… Just been driving it and loving every minute. Can’t ask for much more out of this car. Took this yesterday:


did u install the trio yourself? if so howd it go?

Unfortunately at this time, I only have the short shift kit installed.

Nice update. Lovin the picture and the background. How is the jhm tune for the 2.0t working out