lulz on other forums (current, not classics)

thought it would be good to have a place to post funny threads from other forums

I will start with this beeeeeeeeauuuuty. Lots of gold from op…then more gold from vets who shred him…and then op’s raging replies lol!!-Time-To-BEGIN!!!

Threads like that are amusing, its funny not all of them go that way. It really does depend on what mood the vets are in. They will either tell you to search or pick you up for your spelling or a little bit of help.

Eff audizine. I will link to some masterpieces as I see them

Another on from the same guy in the first thread…

MRC make nice videos:

and what do we think of the vids that David posted.

The vid of the drags looks like its been sped up slightly

  • also in the video the OP is it normal for that much smoke to come out the back on a SC car

what drags?

edit just watched

  1. that’s not a real dragstrip, and the driver acknowledges that the trap speed is not calculated properly, and the times are quite a bit quicker than at Santa Pod for same cars. Its’ a temporary setup at an old airport

  2. that is a PES kit with an Eaton M112, not the TTS MRC kit in the promotional video

  3. this same car has never been to Santa Pod, the only certified dragstrip in the UK…instead it has avoided it like the plague. The owner is a decent guy but for whatever reaon even though his car has been to MRC tuning 3 different times at least (MRC is like 30 miles from Santa Pod) he has never taken it to the strip there, nor have MRC even though he said they could.

  4. the other video is an MRC tuned PES Eaton M90 kit vs. a stock RS4. It put about 4-5 car lengths on it. WE all know what EAton M90 kits with good drivers do on the FSI 4.2…they run about 12.5-12.6 @ 111-112. That’s what Spinner did in his S5. That’s what Kryptonik did in his RS4. Both guys had great launches, good conditions…and ran mid 12s.

So there you go. Some truth to pee on the fire of hype

p.s. for the record MRC has that TTS kit tuned and on an S5 and an RS4…and they drove the RS4 to the NURBURGRING IN FUCKING GERMANY to test the kit and get a lap time (8 minutes 30 seconds…a.k.a. 30 seconds slower than Audi achieved with a stock RS4)…so they could cross through the east of England, through France, Belgium, and Germany…but they couldn’t drive cross the county (thats COUNTY…not country) to Santa Pod, an IHRA certified dragstrip even though they were asked 20 times to on a5oc.

Why you might wonder? Well, the fastest MRC tuned B5 S4s tend to run mid 12s at Santa Pod, right after dynoing 600-700 and 800 hp (crank) on the MRC dyno.

All in all lots of smoke…lots of mirrors…and no proof from these guys. Looks like they can’t tune for shit…but they’re the only Audi tuner who speaks english as a first language, and are very popular over there.

We all know what happened when 91GL’s high 11 second car ran against an MRC tuned stage III B5 S4 right? He absolutely SMOKED it. Again…a mid 12s car. MRC’s wheelhouse is mid 12s cars.

this one

I don’t think it was done at santa pod either

What’s with the Audi tattoo threads?

Different usernames but could be same person, I guess.


this is a current events (or current lulz) thread.

Here’s the title…

lulz on other forums (current, not classics)


just kidding

I wonder what happened to the guy on as with his big plans for his car

Not this shit again:

btw can we get a face-palm emoticon? :slight_smile:


Here’s my favourite from the MRC TTS Rotrex SC video thread…

[quote]nice…i think i’d buy the kit
I hope he didn’t base that opinion on the video of the race between the PES M90 kit RS4 vs. a stock RS4 lol. And…according to a signature he has a Q7 and a stage III B6 A4 (that he just sold).

I also love how guys will say ‘I’d spend $21,000 on that’ based on a sales promo video, and a dyno sheet. It’s fucking incredible.

Not from an Audi forum, but nonetheless…

Here’s a new one. guaranteed to get locked by days end

[QUOTE=rbbny;7267094]hey all, Since Honda lost a class action regarding false advertised mileage, could be bring one against AoA for false HP claims on our cars?

that’s pretty funny. What’s he referring to anyway? On a tough dyno a B6/7 S4 makes 250-260 whp…and a B7 RS4 makes about 290-310. I don’t think the Rs4 is underrated from the factory. I think it’s just a hp peak that’s tough to get to, with little torque (relatively…while the torque curve is great, it’s not 450 ftlbs…it’s 300 or so for 90% of the curve)

This guy made me laugh, mainly because he’s a noob and he’s right:

[quote]I’ve tried search, but it doesn’t really help too much because all of the threads about the tunes are mostly made up of fighting and irrelevant information lol

I liked the last post…

[quote=Black3.2]This section is starting to turn into a B5 section because NO ONE searches anymore. I understand the use of an internet forum but seriously all we have are new people wondering why - they couldnt get the lug wrench over the lug bolts to take their wheels off (lug caps, dumba$$) and then you have another guy who treats his S4 like a Civic by make it look like a NYC cab (the Imola and black), i really think AudiRevolution is where most of my time will be spent, seems to be much more knowledgeable owners over there. Doesnt mean i wont still check out this forum, but hopefully the newbs will learn how to use this place effectively.
is he here? what’s his username now? He used to have a 3.2 B8 A4 I believe…and then his wfie got a B6 S4 cab and he traded his B8 for a B7 S4.