Made some passes today...

So been rained out the last two weeks so got my first chance this year at the strip today… Was very excited as APR has made some changes to their production tunes and we put that on my car. I was very optimistic since they went 11.0x a few times in average DA. Plus with Mogs results and Loe’s GIAC benchmark I wanted to see how I’d do… DA here was great today but as I’ve often said not all DA’s are created equal. The 400-500ish DA today was mostly from the cold 44-46F temps and not the average at best BP of 30.1 and humidity of 70%ish… The sun never came out for more than a minute or two so the track surface was ice cold and prep was average. Of course there was a long wait between runs and I had no way to get heat in the tires. Had some other issues but more on that later… Anyway, enough with the excuses…

My Car: 2010 Audi S4 - DSG with sports dif, currently has 10,140 miles, most runs done with 1/8 - 1/4 tank of gas, tools and spare removed.

Mods: APR tune, APR DSG tune with LC disabled/AMAX enabled, APR blower pulley, APR crank pulley, APR TB, APR intake(larger filter and no box), APR CPS v1, 034 HFC’s, Miltek non-res dp/catback, front and rear sways, 380mm Brembo BBK, JHM LW rear rotors, BBS CHR’s, Conti’s with varying tire pressure depending on the conditions.

First pass spun pretty bad and short shifted into 2nd at 5500-5600 rpm… Tire pressure was 38-34

1.6412 60ft
4.7702 330ft
7.3308 1/8th
96.42 1/8 mph
9.5130 1000ft
11.3657 1/4 et
123.14 ¼ MPH
The spin and subsequent short shift killed the run, 60 wasn’t great but the 330 and beyond really suffered.

Second pass wheel hopped horribly which killed my 60ft worse than the spin…Tire pressure was 32-28

1.7244 60ft
4.8636 330ft
7.4082 1/8th
97.04 1/8 mph
9.5745 1000ft
11.4132 ¼ et
124.15 ¼ MPH
So like I said horrible 60 but wow pretty nice 1/8 mph and 1/4 MPH. First time I’ve trapped over 124. Thought that was good until I reviewed my logs…

Third pass I wheel hopped badly again… Tire pressure was 32-24

1.6662 60ft
4.7773 330ft
7.3269 1/8th
96.42 1/8 mph
9.5022 1000ft
11.3479 ¼ et
124.14 ¼ MPH
Another 124+ trap so was happy about that…

Just couldn’t get traction as the track surface was very cold with no sun to heat it. I spun with too much air and hopped with not enough. If I could have hot lapped like in the fall I’d have been fine because once the tires are warm they’ll hook but it was roughly 2 hours between the 3 passes. So they were ice cold. This probably helped IAT’s though. I really wonder how my Macan would have done today with a/s tires.
So while waiting to make the third pass I looked at the log and noticed mass timing pull, more than I’ve ever seen. I was like WTF. I thought about it and the only thing I can think of is the gas. Last year in Nov I couldn’t get 104 around here so I ran with 100 the one weekend and ordered a pail for the next. Well there was never a next but I had put it in my car. So it sat all winter in my garage so I’m wondering if it wasn’t the greatest quality as I don’t see why the car would pull as much timing as it did. We’re talking way above 5 degrees for multiple readings. It has more pull than when I ran the beta 104 tune on 100 last year. Already have new fuel so will see if that cures it and I’m very low now… I’ll probably pull a few plugs Sunday also to see how they look… They’re new from when I put the UC on, so 500ish miles or so on them… I’ll send Eric the logs but I think he’s out of the country so we’ll see what he says…

Anyway, little bummed with the results but happy to see the traps and given conditions and timing pull it’s really pretty good… Pretty confident next time will go much better but will see…

when I checked your D/A’s this morning, the first thing that popped in my head was “oh-shit” when I saw the humidity…I had a feeling the track surface would have been slippery just on that alone!

The trap speed alone is sufficient for a 10.9x (or better) run with better opportunity at the 60ft’s. High humidity + low baro was the story of 95% of my winter down here, opposite of the previous year.

can’t blame the gas (not right away anyway). Maybe the tune was bonkers and the requested timing was off the charts. You didn’t share what the max request was for example.

Fair… Car pulled 8-10 degrees timing on one cylinder but the other cylinder wasn’t as bad but still more than usual… Request wasn’t crazy… IAT’s were in check as it was cold out and no crazy timing so I kind of jumped to the gas… Car has no codes… Plan is to pull the plugs and check them out… Going to go a little bigger gap… Only have probably a gallon of old in the car so I’ll put 5 gallons of gt260+ in and log all cylinder pull, total timing and misfires… Will see how those look… Could be a leaking intercooler brick but I don’t think so as my coolant level is consistent… Bad coil pack(s)? I’ll see what Eric says as well… Part of the process just like anything just jumped out on the logs… I can send them to you if you like… I’ve sent them to a few folks who see mine on a regular basis and they all agree somethings up… Amazing I trapped 124+ when you look at the logs really, they’re that bad… It’ll get sorted one way or the other and I’ll be back at it…

Looks like Matty ran today… Very similar to my runs and sounds like launching was hard for him as well… Wonder how his logs looked… No idea what time he ran so no DA…

The good side of it is even your bad run was a really good run. It might not be a bad idea to pull the injectors and have them flowed and tested. The RS4 S6 and S8 V10 have injector issues that can really cause issues. It might be worth looking at. Depending on the kind of race gas you run the additives can cause clogging in the injectors.

His D/A’s were about 400-900ft according to drag times. He may have ran into some fuel issues in 3rd and 4th gears in a few of those runs, he didn’t post those times though, but ran a total of 13 times, and described it as a “e-brake feeling” which I’m assuming bypass opening for lambda reasons. Yeah, he was having traction issues the majority of the day unfortunately.

Justin, yeah probably not a bad idea… I want to see what APR says and go from there… Certainly checking plugs… Maybe replacing coils… logging with new gas… etc. I’m sure I’ll get to the bottom of it…

Loe, Thanks! If you talk to him and he logged would love to hear how is timing behaved… Thanks Ron

From there I would 100% just burn off as much of the gas in there now as possible, then go GT260 and re-log. I wouldn’t taint the fresh gas wiht the gas that’s still in there. Eliminate the variable otherwise you might end up chasing your tail.

That’s pretty much free, whereas everything else is a minor or major pain in the ass (checking injectors, changing coils, etc).

Yep we’re on the same page… I’m at zero on the display so I’ll drive 10-15 miles and then throw a pail in and drive 20-30 miles and log. I’m going to check the plugs also just for shits and grins… If something isn’t right I’ll dive deeper… Weather is looking iffy for Sat. as it’s supposed to rain but I want to be ready in case it doesn’t so that’s the plan as of now… lol Thanks agian!

I can get up to 25 miles past 0 on the DIS, and still have a small amount of gas left. I’ve gone up as much as 30 miles past 0 without fully running out.

Good to know… I’m always paranoid… lol

I went 39 miles past 0 once. I usually go to about 29 miles past 0 when I need to try a new fuel mix.

Ron, was catching up on the email thread and FB last night. I saw something similar when I pulled my car out of storage last winter. Had a batch of 100+e85 from the prior season. My car felt down on power… New batch of fuel did the trick for me. Fingers crossed that’s all you need

Same, I’ve taken it down to 39 miles past “0” and basically had .1 gallon remaining (filled it to about 16gallons)

39 miles past 0? WTF

that’s crazy. I’ve done about 12-15 miles in my RS4 and was scared. I’ve actually run out of gas before not far from that.

I daren’t do that in my new car because stations are 100 miles apart and fuel isn’t portable.

I made it to 34 miles past 0, and it seemed like the car was starting to run out of gas. I only went that far because I had 5 gallons of race fuel with me. How far you can go past 0 on the B8/B8.5 probably depends on the type of driving, but 25-30 seems to be pretty safe (in a relative sense anyway…).

Thanks guys! Pulled the plugs and they look fine… regapped them to .024… Ran the car 20 miles after the DIS read 0… I’m like Saki and not willing to push it more and run out of gas! lol Added a pail and will log soon… Noticed there was a thread on vendorzine with people having issues with these plugs so if I still have issues I’ll change them and see how that does.

I’ve ran 0.025" on the NGK 9s the past couple of months without much issue.

They misfire occasionally when I’m spraying w/m. (No CEL/DTC but it shows up in logs)

Nate@034 suggested I run the Bosch FR5DTC plugs so those are going in tonight. I’ll give them a few tanks of gas then check them out.

If they suck I’m going back to the 9s. My car seems to like those more than the OEM plugs.

so a handful of 3.0T motors have been blowing with the recent push to the low 11s/high10s.

Anyone know why?

Is it high RPM tunes causing valve/compression problems?
Is it aggressive timing parameters?
Is it aggressive timing parameters combined with high RPMs?
Is it people trying to be cheap with their fuel and running a race file on 91+ethanol with vague quality/content instead of running proper race fuel?

Some people are jumping to blame APR and their ultracharger setup but that’s a bit premature. Did APR forget how to tune overnight? not likely. So what do you guys think it is?

Run 93 Shell or equivalent at the moment with #9 plugs (don’t want to ginx it) no blowby very little timing pull, normal actually… Maybe, weather has something to do with it but I’ll check plugs as suggested to make sure there is no build up. Car has less the 1k on the UC setup…