MDUBZ Intro and B6 S4 Build Thread

So my love for Audis started when I was 15. I was able to pick up a new santorin blue pearl B5 A4 for my first car. Obviously not the fastest car but I loved it. This isn’t my car but this is exactly what it looked like completely stock with S4 wheels.

You better believe my friends and I drove the shit out of that car. To cater to my need for something stupidly fast, I picked up a GSXR after moving to Florida.

The motorcycle is what got me into modding. Eventually I had a bike that was barely over 300 lbs and had just under 200 hp. On top of that it was geared for speed. 200 mph was very easily achievable. It wasn’t long before I realized how much of an idiot I was on a motorcycle and this was confirmed when I led over 100 police, the FBI, and 2 helicopters on a 2 hour chase but was still able to get away. Well almost, they had my plates. This is the bike that got me into trouble:

Then after 160k miles on the A4, its life came to an end at 5 am on the highway in a snowstorm thanks to a jack knifed truck. To replace it, of course I got a B5 S4 in laser red. It came with a short shifter kit, exhaust, and tune which was good for me. Here she sits today as the owner and I are FB friends :yum:

Drove this thing for a couple years before I decided to get rid of it before all of the 2.7 problems set in. Sold it 3 years ago and picked up my current B6 S4 as a project car. I got it cheap because I knew it would be getting the full treatment but that angered the Audi gods and I’ve had to replace or fix much more than I ever expected. But it’s a love and I don’t think I could be any happier than I am right now.

So as you may know from my day at JHM thread it’s been a long wait, 19 months to be exact. Here’s the list of parts/things that were done:

  • JHM Built Block (reconditioned block and crank, forged pistons, forged rods, and sleeved block
  • JHM built heads
  • JHM headers
  • JHM stage 2 supercharger
  • a/w intercooler
  • JHM battery relocation
  • Full timing refresh with updated timing guides and JHM mechanical cam adjusters
  • JHM 5R clutch
  • alternator
  • a/c compressor
  • front axles fixed
  • front bearings replaced

Parts that were already on the car include:

  • JHM ported intake manifold/throttle body
  • JHM short shifter trio
  • JHM delrin weighted shift knob
  • JHM lightweight flywheel and stage 4 clutch
  • FI cat back non resonated exhaust
  • H&R coilovers (24.5" top of fender to ground drop)
  • 034 motor mounts
  • 034 snub bracket
  • 034 transmission mount
  • 034 upper control arms
  • 034 strut mounts
  • 034 front sway bar end links
  • Apikol snub mount
  • Apikol rear diff mount
  • Meyle HD control arms
  • Meyle HD tie rods
  • Hotchkis sway bars
  • Stern rear sway bar end links

Here she sits as of now:

Right now I’m actually running a bigger pulley and in another 2 months I’ll get a smaller pulley from JHM.

What do I have left? Well, I have several things to install once I’m home. I’ll share when I’m home so I can get some good pics. Working on picking a set of forged wheels for the spring. Then, of course, stage 3 when I can get my hands on it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Congrats, man! Great stuff. I would love to see some vids if you get a chance.

Thanks man. Updates with videos are coming.

Its probably to early to ask but what does going STG3 involve, bigger S/C? most boost?

Great build though.

Thanks slow. Still waiting on updates for stage 3.

MDUBZ, the car looks great man. I am glad that you got it back.

JHM really needs to get the battery relocation install instructions done so I can get that installed on my car.

Should be better fueling, more CFMs/boost, and whatever else needs to be pushed to the limit.

Thanks Jimmy. I’m sure fueling will be addressed in stage 3, just nothing definite to report yet. I think more boost + nitrous would be amazing.

These Vortech blowers are crazy. You almost can’t imagine how much power they can make any they are the only blower that is built to take high rpm. No other supercharger kit for the s4 rs4 S5 is built to take high rpm. All the other screw blower kits come on cars with a max rpm of 6500 rpm stock car cars are well past that and I would guess the jhm stage 2 gives you even more rpm. If you have a smaller pulley coming like you said in the other post you should see a nice jump in hp. There is a speed that once you cross that blower speed the blower just rocks super hard. Add that inter cooler with some nice ice and your making seriously a lot of power. You might get a chance to out tune the cops fbi and the helicopter again. It all looks awesome. Can’t wait to hear more.

Great stuff MDUBZ, I’m glad you stuck with it and I’m glad you put the car in the right hands. I’m excited for you!

Lulz at Beem, that may be JHMs next option…

Do you know if they changed your fueling at all? Stock pump? Lines?

When I read this:

I thought of this:

;D ;D ;D

Wow… looks great, and i love the specs. Any estimates on HP output after you get the new pulley?

All stock fueling and lines.

Haha nice. Everyone I know told me they thought of the movie My Cousin Vinny because if the mistaken identity. The bank robber was 5’9" too. I’m 6’4".

I have no clue lol.

New parts reveal.

JHM f/r BBKs
JHM cat less test pipes
Ohlins TTX coilovers

The coilovers are recommended to be rebuilt every 20,000 track miles but if you street them and they’re not leaking, they said there’s no reason to rebuild them. It’s also not $1,500 or whatever. I drive maybe 4,000-5,000 miles per year so I honestly don’t give a shit about rebuilding them every 20,000 miles which I probably will anyways.

Looks like I’ve got some work to do. Should have the LSD in another month or 2 and then the new pulley :smile:

Did I mention moderation is for pussies?

You are so right it’s amazing. I tried pulling away from lights with restraint and once it hits 2,800 RPMs or so it just takes off like a rocket. Chirping the tires from 1st to 2nd happens almost naturally.


Nice set of mods. I am surprised that the table didn’t fall over from all that weight on it.