Mec's Intro Thread

Hey AR,

Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Martin and this is my B7.

She started out looking like this

Soon enough I made some ghetto mods and was right about mea
Rolling on some AG M310’s with conti DWS’s

So I picked up a KONI FSD system and picked up a stage 2 flash with an 034 HFC kit.

Then an 034 CC

A driver decided he didn’t like how my rear quarter panel looked, so he decided to rearrange it while I was sitting at a stoplight

So I decided to make the best of it and get some Quad tips, and a DTM bumper. Decided I didn’t like blacked out headlights and tails.

Found some good parts

Vroom Vroom amirite?

Did I mention I like to improvise?

Also I’m a big fan of petunias and cheerios

Welp…lets get started

Put the pistons in the bores

Did I mention this is my second B7? had a 2005.5 for a year as well. mmm nice and tall

Much better

Soooo thats about it.

Fully built block, valvetrain, balance shaft delete, GTX2867R,JHM LWFW+RS4 clutch, Water Methanol, Custom Garrett Intercooler, quite the powerband!

I learned how to be a wrench monkey on my b7, first motor I built, and I love it, if anyone has BT questions or is interested in any tips hit me up!

Thanks for reading.


Very cool and welcome! Thanks for sharing.

Gone to the track or anything on the new build? Who did the tuning.

And congrats on your first motor build, I’ve yet to check that off my list but do wish to!

Welcome aboard Martin! This is a great place for quality information!

Power band…what boost and when do you see more then 15lbs. I always wondered how the BT stuff does on the 2.0 Vs the 1.8

Cool. These builds never seem to get done so it’s like a unicorn!

Any performamce testing done?

Welcome to AR, Martin!

@Maddog- Planning on tracking this summer, need some bigger brakes first. I’m doing the tuning in Maestro, though I am starting to consider getting a pro tuner to custom tune it, Maestro only gives you access to like 30 maps which isn’t many in comparison to whats available.

@Jake - Thanks for the tip!

@ChrisK- I have tons of torque by 3000, which usually equates between 7-10PSI depending on gear. However, the car still pulls from 2-3000, its just that in that area it’s only making 2-5 psi so you don’t feel very much, Once you hit 3000 and 7 psi, thats when it feels BT, and from 3000-3500 it is making 20ish psi, by 3700 it’s in full boost, only set to max at 25 psi, and it will hold that pretty much til 6500ish. This thing is really quite a beast, very quick.

@sakimano - No performance testing yet, I am tuning it for the meth kit I added in, I am going to get a second WM bung welded in today, new exhaust on monday, And dyno tune sometime this month hopefully. I heard Chris Tapp is working on launch control for Maestro so I should have some much improved 0-60 times once that comes out haha I am a granny in first gear, Always let off the throttle very slowly, never tip in to the throttle hard, usually if I go WOT in first it will lose traction…did I mention I’m on winter tires?

@Clochner - thanks! Quite a welcoming forum.

First noob question - Do we have a multi-quote button?

on tapatalk I can multiquote, but I haven’t done so on the regular site.

Multi quote. What you do is hit the original quote you want to stsrt with…then from there goto the post you want to take rhe next quote from and you will see the insert quote tag at the upper right hand side of the post…

Have you ever had a 1.8…or is this your first audi…

Got it! I didn’t see that when you reply it puts the conversation below the reply box.

I’ve had two Audi’s. I bought my first one 4 years ago, itwas a 2005.5 A4, it’s the silver one in the pics. I didn’t know how to work on it, and repairs were getting expensive so I sold it, bought a newer one. I originally wanted a red one with black interior, but at the time could only afford the silver one, got a great deal on it at the time, so I went with it. Sold it after a timing belt and clutch, then I bought this red one 3 years ago. Really like the 2.0T engine, very torquey

You should come and go for a ride in one of our shop 4.2Ls lol. I think your impression of torquey will change forever!


lol…torquey for a 4 cyl. My friend has a 4.2 v8 in his b7 dtm s4, the car has some power, but at this altitude im sure it is disappointing, needs more JHM supercharger.

How’s the new trans?

Welcome Aboard!

Great! its got 81k on it but it shifts much better than my original one. The MT-90 is not the best in winter conditions, but other than that it’s been great!

@VortexJunkie - Thanks!

Hey guys… Amifastyet?


let the clutch out faster next time, you let it slip a little to much.

Truth, you’re talking about right before 6k right?

well after a very unsuccessful first visit to the track, my new JHM stage 4 clutch is finally broken in and ready to hit the track! shooting for Wednesday at Bandimere Speedway for Test and Tune.

Only downside is the 8500 DA.

You need to get one of those giant red “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” tags for your traction control.