New 1/4 mile record by APR! BOOOOOMMMMM!!

Not the greatest DA either or 60’s… I’m hoping to go 10.9x next Sat. if it doesn’t rain!



Moogas will be all set with the CP/UC for our fall Atco rental. Maybe he lets an old S4 jockey try it. :slight_smile:

Nice! Yeah, I’m excited I knew they were making some changes since my last tune but honestly wasn’t expecting that much improvement! I think I can cut better short times than they did which should help my ET and I know I’ll have better DA’s as long as I run in April a few times! Really excited as the platform has come so far!

Wish more Audi/S4 guys would come to our rentals. It’s all track junkies and we spend whole day there. DA/track elevation/temps are prob best out there and track prep at these private events is spot on. You can hot lap/ dial in tire pressures and see changes pretty instantly. Zero lines and a shit ton of passes.

I hear you man… If you guys weren’t so far you know I’d come to everyone! I used to do a few a year in my Mustang days… Plus Thompson in the fall say late Oct and all of Nov. is like a rental. The one Sat in Nov. I made 6-8 passes in my S4 in an hour or so… Made 6-8 in my Porsche in an hour or so… Got home in time to watch College Football and hang with my son… lol

Dang that’s quick watch out tesla 100D :slight_smile:

Damn! So close to a 10.xx
Ron do you know if they were using LC?

3k LC I believe… Honestly, didn’t ask who did the driving… unless the tune really changes things I think I can improve on those short times and thus overall et’s… Looking forward to trying! Really nice improvement they’ve made…

Oh and I think we’re going to see some really fast 1.74L times very soon!

I’m sure you’ll improve on that Ron- either the track prep was really bad or that car is making serious power at that launch RPM 'cause on some of those passes it’s really squirrelly- you’re going this Saturday 3/25 or the next?

Personally I think it’s how they’re launching the car but that’s just me and I wasn’t there so I don’t want to armchair qb as they did do well and have much more knowledge then me. I just know I can beat those short times…

Next Sat. 4/1 is when Thompson usually opens but they haven’t updated their site yet(not unusual though), I tried calling and there isn’t a message either…

Wow. nice movement forward on the platform! How much more can the stock handle before it goes BOOM!?

It’s great to see how far this program has come. How much further do we really think it can go that’s a great question.

Primetime good luck.

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2012 Audi S4 (B8) 3.0 TFSI S Tronic

APR ECU Upgrade - Stage 2+ Ultracharger
APR TCU Upgrade
APR Ultracharger Throttle Body Upgrade
APR Supercharger Drive Pulley
APR Supercharger Crank Pulley
APR Coolant Performance System
APR Intake System
2.5” Exhaust System with Testpipes
Street Tires
Full Interior
Sunoco GT260 Plus

Montgomery Raceway Park
March 21st, 2017
1,275 FT Density Altitude (Best run)

Thanks man!

Really excited to get the new tune and see what it’s got… They picked up a ton of mph on the front half of the track even with the not so stellar 60ft time… This tells me that Eric has added some nice timing in the first 3 gears to help get the higher mph… Looking at my previous logs with the setup this is my guess and I’ll be able to compare once I have the tune on the car. Usually if I get any knock correction it’s in 3rd and more so 4th gear… I think they’ve made some nice improvements in the shifting strategies as well even to what I ended up with last year which was working quite well…

11.01 is excellent. Someone smart told me 2 years ago that the B8 S4 would go 10s with a bigger throttle body. I believe I shared that with jspazz at the time.

Neat to see the gains. Picking up about 2 tenths as we would expect from a 20-25 whp mod.

Two things I don’t get though

  1. why are their trap speeds all over the map. As most here will know, your trap speeds never vary by 4 mph unless you are
    a) driving a car with something wrong
    b) changing tunes on the fly
    c) at a 3 day long even with wildly varying density altitude and track conditions (wind, temp, humidity, pressure etc)
    so which is it?

  2. why does it sound so fucking bad? is that a car with open dumps or something?

also just wondering…anyone still think calling out APR for a $15,000 stage 3 kit that needed drag radials and no seats to trap 122 mph was ‘hatin’ and not just telling the truth? Didn’t think so.

It seems like something is wrong with the first 60 feet as the car keeps making passes because it gets worse and worse times. At first the car pulls to the left off the launch and then by the fourth pass the car goes really straight with little correction. Some people will think that is a driver error but I regularly have to correct my B6 S4 off the start because it likes to dive to the left. I actually prefer the right lane at the dragstrip because I would rather go towards the center line than the wall. Is it just me or is there tire spin/hop off the start? Since the trap speed is going up as the car keeps making passes then I would assume that it is not engine related like if the engine was getting too hot. If I had to bet a coke on it then I am willing to say that the transmission is getting hot and not able to put the power down off the start.

It does sound like shit. I would like to see pictures of the exhaust.

Rofl :rofl:

Nice work! that should give you some hope in the next coming weeks Ron!

time to get my heavy/lard-ass of an S5 going quicker than 11.208@122.96mph! ;D I’m surprised there aren’t more S4’s outpacing me at the drags given the weight difference alone of being approx 180-ish lbs as verified by our scales.

I just need to get my shift-points raised a bit as I’m gear-limited to my 1.57 60ft time (1-2 upshift) and my 1/8mile time (3-4 upshift), which impacts my overall 1/4mile time. My B8.5 only shifts at 6950 rpm, if only I could get it to 7,200 rpm it would be perfect for me.

too bad I couldn’t get more opportunities this winter in FL, it was warm/mild and humid this year compared to previous years :-\

If it’s open I’ll go with ya.