New Project

Been awhile since I last posted anything. I haven’t done a lot to my car since installing the 034 y-pipe, just maintenance and driving. I have been wanting to finish up the engine on my car so I can at least have the trap speed of a 10 second car (doubtful my launching/driving ability will ever get there, but who knows, sometimes a blind squirrel can find a nut). On one of the local B5 FB pages, a gentleman had a BEL block from a 2003 Allroad that had 54,000 miles. 2 hour drive and $400 later, I am the proud parent of a new engine (well new to me).

Plans are, if the pistons are good (option 1): new oe rings, ie h beam rods (with rifle drilling), 2.8 heads, 2.8 intake cams, oe osvat intake/exhaust valves, stock springs, stock retainers, Rs4 intake manifold/throttlebody, White Dog V-Banded Bi-Pipe, balance the rotating assembly and obviously a retune from JHM.

If the pistons are bad (option 2), je pistons and pauter rods will be added as well as boring it over 1.5mm to a 2.8L, and all the other options from above, just adds time to the project as the wife will not be very happy about the additional $2k in parts and however much more in machining (though I am quite comfortable in the dog house by now).

If all is good, I have budgeted for option 1 already. Hopefully, between this weekend and next, I can get the block disassembled and ready to be shipped to the machinist.

Nice pick up

Thanks Happy. So here is todays progress

I can see where valves left witness marks on all of bank 1 pistons. So now I am wrestling in my head about just going straight to option 2, but I really doubt that those tiny little marks are enough to throw these pistons out.

Bank 1 - the side with witness marks

Bank 2

Here is where I sit as of today

I talked with my machinist, he said to flex-hone the cylinders and drop the rods in, since they sent in balanced sets within 1 gram +/- of each other. I will double check the block mating surface and run with it.

I just need to remove the oil squirters, hone, and begin measurements for reassemble.

Looks like its coming along nice. Smart build. Your car is already running well you had some very silid times. But with a built motor to support the extra hp you should be able to get some more out of it up top

Thanks Justincredible, I would like to get a tune on Q16 as on my last full build (1995 300zx), the “Q” let me run the dual garrett gt2560’s at full pressure, safely. Currently, my race tune is 110 leaded. Q16 is oxygenated as well, which intercooled cars love.

Everything disassembled, washed and moved inside. I am just sitting down now to read my factory service manual to find out clearances. I may attempt to hone it today, but that means I have to go to the shop to pick up my drill (the shop is maybe .75 of a mile, so call me lazy)

No new progress to this point as I was studying for my ASe A6 last week (test was yesterday). Today i am recieving a 75-100mm outside micrometer so i can determineif the cylinder bores are within spec and round, then finally I can flex hone and plastigage the new main bearings for clearance. I will post pics tonight/tomorrow. I do believe that I am going incorporate Nitrious into this setup with a window switch, so it will come on from like 160rpm to maybe 430rpm, just to help with coming out of the hole.

Meant 1600rpm to 4300rpm.

Made some progress this weekend.

Block getting prepped for painting


Cylinders after Flex-hon

Main bearing clearance tomorrow.

Quite the garage you got there :wink:

I know, isn’t it. :slight_smile: My wife let me bring it inside after I disassembled everything since we are replacing the floors after I am done.


Main Stud kit installed and bearing clearance (.025mm)

I have another test tomorrow, so i waiting to order parts till yesterday so I wasnt tempted to work on it instead of studying. I ordered conrod bearings (glyco), grant piston rings (81mm), an arp 81mm piston ring compressor and a piston ring file. Once i am done with this part I will start rebuilding the heads (i m gonna let my machine shop do most of the head/cam/valve work).

looks like its coming along nicely.

Good idea on holding off on ordering parts. Im sure the wife would like the kitchen back but you have to do what you have to do LOL

Thank you, she is definitely excited to get new floors, but she is a huge car fan, so she likes the look of the motor, in fact, she wants me to build her a motor block coffee table like the one on the old Top Gear.

Got some parts in the mail. Unfortunately, when I ordered the Grant Piston Rings, I searched under Audi B5 S4 and I got part number 058198151B, which is actually for the A4 (still the right size bore), so I only got 4 sets of rings instead of the 6 I need. Ordered another set but I would imagine I won’t get to finishing the block till next weekend. I am beginning my search for a nice set of 2.8 heads today.

Assembling first piston

Cylinders 1-3 finished

Crankside of first 2 piston/rods installed

#4 cylinder completed (cylinder 5 and 6 still left to complete)

I bought the Arp piston ring compression sleeve (81mm), it is by far the easiest compression sleeve I have ever used. I also tried a set of ring spreading pliers, wow, I can’t believe that I have struggled in the past with fitting rings over the piston, best $6 dollars I have spent. This ring file made quick work of sizing end gap.

I still have to plasigage connecting rod bearing clearance. My piston ring specs are as follows:

1st compression ring 2nd Compression Ring Oil Retaining Rings
.45mm .60mm .48mm

Here is pistons and rods installed, all connecting rod bearings clearanced (.025mm).

Bank 1

Bank 2

Lower oil pan is being cleaned now and I am headed to Pick n Pull in about 20 mins to see if I can find 2.8l heads and cams to continue making progress.