New RS3 Sportback Review

Gotta love that 2.5 growl. Quite neat don’t you think :wink:

the spectre of this makes me hesitant to modify my R

Tell me about it. I’d love to see this in sedan form… It would make a quite competent DD.

I’m good with the hatch, I was all for sedan/coupe only until I got the R. The extra room is hugely useful

I find that sloppy greasy looking guy a colossal fucking bore.

Evo sucks.

Someone in Europe needs to do YouTube reviews with proper performance testing and head to head races like motor trend does. The majority of the European reviewers are either boring yawns and specs regurgitators like the Evo ones or drift this drift that like all the rest.

Modify your R.

No chance of an RS3 hatchback. Small chance of RS3 sedan for North America.

As long as its a manual I’m good, hatch is a plus, wagon is a bigger plus. My demands are probably still unreasonable to VAG, still waiting for my TDI/awd/MT lol. May have to hope for a mk7 golf r sportwagen to keep my dissapointment rolling.

TDI + AWD is coming. One can only hope a manual is on the way too!

I like that they’re finally releasing RS models near the beginning of the product cycle instead of near the end. Hopefully that means a RS4 sedan, if we get one, would be released shortly after the new A4 is released this summer.

I’m not sure about this 2.5L motor. The TT-RS just isn’t that fast around a road course, or struggles to keep up more than it should. An 8 year old Cayman base can run circles around it.

what are you basing any of that on?

never mind that a cayman is a mid engined, RWD track weapon and the TTRS is basically a fun semi-sporty front engined FWD biased cruiser.

As usual you’re probably comparing the brand new Cayman vs. the TTRS that came out 6 years ago?

2009 TTRS at the time dominated the cayman. Hell Top Gear compared a Cayman and a B7 RS4 and the RS4 was a full second quicker around their track.

So it sounds like you’re using some shitty information.

Further to open your statement saying you’re not sure about the 2.5T would imply you want to discuss the powerband and the power it’s making. If that’s the case, you’re showing your ignorance here, as that is a highly capable powerplant. You cemented this by using an anecdotal comparison of unknown road course results which are predominantly driver and chassis determined.

All in all, you just made one of the worst arguments I’ve ever seen on this site. Congratulations. That’s saying something because there have been a bunch.

You really are such a clown… Never use facts or logic, never… If a TT-RS isn’t fast around a road course, whats that make your S4? Fucking total idiot…

My buddy who I instruct with has a 2008 Cayman and a TT-RS. I can always pass him when he’s in the TT-RS. I can’t touch him in the Cayman. I have video of both of these experiences on my youtube page. I’ve also sat passenger hundreds of laps in both cars. Anyone who also has would agree with me.

Thanks for the Top Gear links guys, but their “track” is a wet parking lot and their show should be on Comedy Central. I’m just going to rely on my experiences IRL and refer to the lap times of people like me.

If I had to hazard a guess, the 5 banger in and of itself isn’t holding the TT-RS back. It’s the drivetrain and chassis layout. Has Audi ever made a car that wasn’t perfect in every comparison, or do you acknowledge that some other cars may be better than an Audi at something?

So…your friend’s Cayman is BASE…or BASE with $20k thrown at it.

If you have so much experience and skill, why can’t you drive fast in a straight line for 11.5-13.5 seconds?

this is the key question…here we have yet another roadcoursesuperstar who doesn’t realise what a lousy driver he is. Once we ask him to go straight for 3 gear changes, all of his warts become exposed to the world. He can’t do it effectively. Just like all the other RCS guys before him. They think that if they shovel money at their inadequacies, they will be great. Like the guy who has the $3500 Les Paul but can’t play a lick. But that Les Paul looks real cool hanging on the wall.

Because roadracesuperstar has convinced himself he’s a great driver, when his 12.2 car runs 13.3 at the 2nd fastest track in the country, he thinks ‘well it must be impossible to go any faster in a tuned B8 S4 on race gas than I just did’

Until someone actually watches a video of his driving and realises he’s actually a ham fisted hack who is deluding himself.

It’s amazing…every roadcoursesuperstar is the same. They suck at actually driving the car. They’re great at buying stuff though. Lots of threads about their suspension, their brakes, their gloves, their tires, their harness…but not a whole lot of evidence of their being able to actually drive worth a damn.

see, this is why nobody listens to you (and why everyone downvotes your member rating)


I’ve only tried it twice and had no instruction. Like autocross, it’s not for me. Too much waiting. Sit in the car for an hour, drive for 13 seconds. How many years of practice do you all estimate it takes to get good at it? Certainly no one makes a world record on their second try, unless they’re driving a Tesla.

It is the 987 Cayman S. Not only is it faster than the TT-RS around a true 2+ minute road course, it’s a lot more reliable. I don’t recall all of the issues but I think the brakes were inadequate. It spent a lot of time on jacks on the paddock.

lol it just went from base to a Cayman S

Here’s the comparison of lap times for the TTRS vs. Cayman S. As you can see there’s nothing in it between them. Sounds like westwest and his friend need a driver mod or two.

Track Cayman S TT RS Coupe
Nordschleife 8:06.00 8:09.00
Tsukuba 1:06.66 1:06.27
Hockenheim Short 1:13.90 1:13.10
Virginia International Raceway Grand East Course (pre 01/2014) 3:05.80 3:04.80
Autozeitung test track 1:40.60 1:41.80
Balocco 2:55.04 2:56.59
Contidrom 1:36.52 1:42.70 d
SportAuto wet handling test 1:34.40 1:37.20
Sachsenring 1:40.58 1:39.30
Fuji Speedway (post 2005) 2:01.71 2:05.45
Ring Knutstrop (Conf 2) 1:12.70 1:21.30 w
Haute Saintonge 1:04.43 1:04.32
Wakefield Park 1:08.70 1:08.90

OK, now we’re getting somewhere. So you do know that 1 second on 3 minutes is within the margin of error for choice of showroom stock tire. So if the Cayman came with some shitty Dunlop from 2005, and the TT-RS came with some marginally better Continental tire tech from 2013 that would be more than a second. Don’t forget the density altitude since these cars were tested on different days - we know that makes a world of difference.

The TT like most Audi’s relies on horsepower to complete the course in a good time. So you might tune your TT-RS and hope it stays cool enough to get you through 20 minutes of driving. The Cayman relies slightly more on carrying momentum. If you’re a big boy and you can handle the trouble that an R compound tire can get you in, the Cayman can be silly fast if you never have to slow it down. Looks like he was running Toyo R888. I know he has a few sets of wheels and tires for the TT-RS also. It ate through a set of Trofeo’s in like a weekend, which was an expensive mistake.

Another thing to consider is that unless your last name is Andretti, the best pro driver time may not match your results. I guarantee anyone on this forum would put down a better lap time in a Gallardo than in a Ferrari Enzo. It’s because the Gallardo is a lot easier to drive, even though the Enzo has an insanely quicker lap time for a pro driver. The problem is that car will bite your hand off.

Most drivers will find a Cayman more intuitive around a track, though it may be possible to coax an even lap time out of a TT-RS with some rough driving. In other words, the Cayman is faster for most of us mortals.

I went to the drag strip 3 times in my B7S4, I think I made a total of 15 passes. I have the third fastest NA time.
I basically followed some of the information/tips a few of the other guys provided online and all I had to do was shift gears quickly.

The drag strip is really just like taking off from a stop light, except faster…haha