Oct 4th St. Thomas/Sparta 5252 Track Day

Will be there if anyone else is interested in attending.

They always throw a pretty good event, track prep will be good, also shouldn’t be TOO busy.

“Sparta Small Tire Shootout” is what it’s called on Facebook for those who have it.


Anybody from here going to make it out?

Just picked up some 116 unleaded! :slight_smile:

How did it go?

He wasn’t able to go as his time machine was busted. He will have to wait for Oct 4th like the rest of us.

Would you share with us who made your 116 Octane Unleaded? I’ve been told anything over 108 Octane has lead. Thanks

Don’t believe everything you’re told…


So much to know, slow little time!



Weather not looking the greatest for tomorrow boys, might head to a track on Sunday instead.

Same here but both Sat./Sunday say rain… Where would you be going Sunday?


Check weather for Milan, and Ubly after 12pm. Milan opens at 10 and ubly opens at 12.

Milan is looking better, but ubly will be less busy.

Even St thomas looks better on Sunday.

I think its gonna be ok, id bet itll be cloudy but hold off. im seein 30 percent for Sparta.

im open to switch to sunday if need be.

am I gonna be seein s4 taillights all day lol?

Called the track today! Event still on.

Will be there at 10am prepping car.

Will be there all day.

And yes, you will be seeing taillights :slight_smile:

Unfortunately yes lol. He’s running frigging alcohol for fuel.

If he runs pump you might have a chance if you catch him on a run where the DSG decides to ruin the day. Otherwise not likely.

The b8 would be wise to go behind the rs4 however…to hear it. Maybe on one of the runs you can record your exhaust and give the recording to Jones so he can put it on his ‘updated radio’ and listen to that while he accelerates. :slight_smile:

Hahaha soundaktor for the B8 with custom B7 RS4 sound files

Yes I will be running race gas all day.

lmao will do.

I was referring more to the other couple guys showing interest in coming. jones has me without breaking a sweat.

I did install my new lightweight braille battery today so look out lol.

Reduction of 40 pounds sprung. Good for about 0.02 seconds. All adds up.

Who else is going?


I think its closer to 30lbs maybe 35 ill have to weigh that big pig to know for sure.