Oil leak (new) in front of V10 5.2!

First I had an oil leak at the Crank… so I changed the seal and the oil pressure switch (died on me in Kassel… a story for another day).
Then I got an oil leak at the oil cooler (the one on the side of the engine) and changed the 2 (very cheap) o-rings and as I was in there anyways I changed all coolant hoses (not so cheap).
Now I have an oil leak in there again… I have located it to be just above the flywheel.
As shown on the attached Audi image

Audi writes you can remove the little (outer) cover (bolts 2+4) but I can’t and that’s also not where the leak is.
I then removed the bolts securing the larger cover (bolts 1+3) because here’s the leak, but I’m afraid the remove it completely.

When I get it out as far as seeing the second seal it suddenly feels heavier as if it holds something centered (balance shaft??).

The first seal was broken and very brittle… makes sense because that’s where the oil leak is.
I’m quite sure the second seal is just as brittle but doesn’t look like it’s broken.

Can I just change the 2 seals without taking the whole engine apart?
Is it safe to take the larger cover completely out or should I rather let it sit where it is holding the “shaft”?
Also I can’t seem to find part numbers for the seals nor the bolts (1+3 has to be renewed)… can anyone help with info?

One recommendation from me to anyone having leaks from front of engine… when you get in there… do yourself a favor and change all parts I have changed right away (leak or no leak)… at some point you will regret not having done it… trust me :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help :pray:
/Kim Enemark

Here are some seal p/ns

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Thanks a lot :pray:

So it seems like ok to remove the 2 covers and just change the 2 O-rings… and if I get the smaller cover off also that 3rd O-ring … and just mount the 2 covers again … right?


Well… I can answer the last question myself :wink:

I got the smaller cover off (very tight) and the O-ring was also in bad shape.
I could hold the shaft/axle centered while removing the larger cover (just in case) and it turned out to be quite all right.
The shaft/axle will stay almost centered even without the cover.

Ordered the O-rings and recon Audi will have PN for the bolts… thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: 2 bolts = N 101 961 03

Not sure if necessary, but you might also need 1 (or perhaps 2) new seal(s) for the EGR tube.
PN = 07L131120


Come to think of it… everywhere Audi used those rubber O-rings, the problem will be the same. If one has lost it’s flexibility and has gotten brittle, chances are they all have… what about on the back of the engine?

Has anyone made a list of where Audi used O-rings besides the ones I changed?
If they are behind a cover with a “proper” seal it might not be a problem, but “directly” to the outside it will leak at some point.

Fun fact… the oilpan(s) have some rubber sealant that’s still flexible (on my engine anyway) :man_shrugging:
Would it make sense to use that on the surfaces without a seal? (as the above larger cover)

In my opinion a major design flaw with the O-rings :sweat_smile: