Our RS6 and RS7 4.0 TFSI ECU Upgrade is Released!

It’s quite fast to say the least! Full details and videos here:


Wow, that’s wicked fast. You guys need to get rid of that weird needle mirroring affect in the videos. It doesn’t make it look faster lol

Hmm, maybe I’m not being clear enough on the video. The slow needle is the car with stock software. The faster needle is the car with APR software. It’s a way for you to look at the video and get an idea how much quicker it is, by the end of the sprint.

Good going APR! Can’t wait to see some 1/4 runs

I like the mirroring thing. That’s a good way to show some delta for a fun test

These cars are crazy…what are your guys future plans witg these cars…is there a stage 2 in the works

Eagerly awaiting stage 2

“Yesterday we finally had a chance to take our RS7 4.0 TFSI to the drag strip to further verify our recently released APR Stage I ECU Upgrade. With Danny@APR behind the wheel, we were able to set a world record 10.6@129 MPH pass! We achieved this with 93 octane fuel with only our production Stage I ECU Upgrade, full factory weight and a set of Michelin USA PSS tires on the factory 21 inch wheels. The weather was around 60F and the Density Altitude was roughly 353 Feet.”


Who cares, $112,000 car. /sakimano

Got to have a proper look round one at the local dealer… looks better in real life vs photos. Immense boot too. But it would be tough to get past an e63 amg if you’re looking for something practical and fast esp in wagon form

LOL Corbett

Yea they are pretty good looking in real life… I was about to contradict you bango, but then I quickly priced out an E63, didn’t realize they were actually a fair bit less $$ when similarly equipped.

Classic corbett. I never said ‘who cares’ That’s a pretty awesome result. I was concerned with the people raving that ‘WITH JUST A TUNE IT WENT 10.6!’. I tempered the enthusiasm about the ‘just a tune’ part because, more accurately ‘with a $130,000 car making 600 hp stock and tune it went 10.6!’.

There’s a different standard you are held to at near supercar pricing. Giving all the credit to the ‘just a tune’ I think is a bit misleading. The car makes over 600 hp from the factory and as much torque as it takes to spin the earth. That’s a pretty impressive starting point. It’s not like it started as a 12.2 @ 113 car and ‘with just a tune’ went 10.6.

i.e. if you’re born on 3rd base you didn’t hit a triple!

p.s. MRC have a 700+ hp tune out for the C7 RS6. Will be interesting to see if they do any testing.

I think it’s very impressive given it shaved about 1 full second of ET, especially given it went from 11.6-11.7 stock to 10.6-10.7 on pump at that… Granted magazine stock times and 1 tuned time so not the best data set… Looking at the recent Audi FI cars it’s by far gaining the best results in the 1/4 mile and again at a already faster ET stock… S4 gained .4-.5, ttrs .6-.7, and s6 .5-.6 from what I have seen/read/ or done myself with just tune… Just my .02

Vids dammit Arin! ;D

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Kudos to APR for the great tune. Full second faster is fantastic.

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