Picked up my first A4

Needed more room for a growing family, and of course, needed more Avants.

Sold my wife’s Mini Cooper S today, and picked up an 06 A4 2.0t Avant










I am trying hard to figure out a way to sneak a set of coilovers onto the car before delivery to my wife. Compared to my S6 wagon with H&R coilovers, this car seems to sit so high.

Maybe for the best though, as my wife doesnt make much effort to dodge potholes, so the more suspension travel the better.

I see a road trip to Detroit in it’s near future :slight_smile:

Whooooops … wrong section!

Can a mod please move?

That’s a nice pick up. That’s got to be world’s better then a mini. I’m surprised is not blue that’s a very common color. LOL funny side joke. Now if you can find the A4 forum you will be all set. LOL

I think AR can use a A4 post just like your S6 thread with all the little stuff that needs to be changed. Great lookin car.

Thanks man!

The Mini Cooper S was not a bad car at all. The stock shifter and transmission feels amazing. It has a very nice, direct, feeling when going from gear to gear. First gear feels nice and long and useable, compared to something like the 01E. Maybe is is just easier making a manual for a car that only has 160hp FWD. I don’t know, but it felt great.

The car also has nice power for such a small engine, and felt very neutral in the turns.

FWD is something that just never feels right to me on a car that is supposed to be performance oriented. Maybe I just havent driven the right one.

The interior looked cool, but almost any car feels kinda cheap, when you are used to Audi interiors.

She loved the Mini, but I got a good offer so I sold it. She wasnt too pleased, but got a lot happier when I showed her pics of the Audi.

I would love to mod the Audi, but I know that would probably get me in trouble. Ill have to sneak some mods in as parts go bad. It has 117,000kms (72k miles) on it right now. How can we kill the shocks quickly?

How can you kill the shocks quickly. Make a road trip to Detroit LOL. Come mid winter the potholes are unreal.

Hahaha, the trip keeps making more and more sense :slight_smile:

06 is the way to go… As AFAIK both the ecu and tcu tunes are available for 06 but only the ecu tune for 07 and 08. Although I might be wrong lol.

I saw that car on auto trader. Nice pickup!

This I was “looking” at this car the other day. Mind sharing what you got it for and the mileage.

Final price was $9500 CAD (approx. $8300 USD) certified and emission tested.

It has 117k km on it (approx. 73k miles)

Mechaincally, it seems to be very well maintained and in excellent condition. I took it for a test drive, and things felt smooth and tight. Shifting worked perfectly and the engine was also very smooth (while lacking power out of boost, which I guess is normal but is something I am not used to)

The interior is mint. The exterior looks great in pics, but in person it has a ding or defect on almost every side. That is why it is priced on the low end, I would guess.

I am contemplating having a great bodyshop I go to fix all the defects. However, it will be pricey, and I think it will make more sense to give my wife one Canadian Winter with the new car, before have anything fixed. Might be more to fix after the winter.

Also picked up a set of 17 inch winter wheels for it.

Oh man. Must resist the modding on the Wife’s new car… LOL

Yeah - don’t do it. My wife doesn’t really take care of her cars, so it is important not to get emotionally attached to something that she will treat like a utensil…

LOL that is so funny you should say that.

I found her a MINT condition Mini cooper last spring. 2004 with high miles, but perfect condition and absolutely no rust. Dark grey outside with black interior. It was beautiful, and had always been on her ‘dream car’ list.

So, the car has 250k km (155k miles) on it, but the paint is mint. One day I see her taking our daughter out of the back seat. While she lifts her out and carries her, she raises her foot up and lays the sole of her shoe on the outside of the door to push it shut. WHATTTT!!! Are you KIDDING ME?

Then, before selling it I gave it a full detail. I bought about $60 worth of products and microfiber cloths from Canadian Tire, and went to work on it. The Buyer came, and was so impressed with the way the car looked and drove, that I locked up an amazing deal on the spot.

She had it one last day before I had to take it to the garage to get cert/emissions for the buyer. I come out in the morning, after a rain, and find the sunroof and both windows open a few inches. Again, are YOU SERIOUS???

Anyway, I guess not everyone thinks of the car like we do. But, everyone seems to love a new car. Well, how long do they think it will keep looking like a new car if you treat it like an old farm pickup truck? LOL

I was showing her videos of Lambo and Audi V10 exhausts on youtube, getting her ready for what my S6 is going to sound like upon return. I’m like “doesnt that just sound incredible?” Her response “No. I dont like cars that make noise. They should be silent” Hhahahaaha.

Well, I told her in a few years she will get her wish, as we see more and more electric cars on the road. At that point, if she wants to hear it, she will have to enable a speaker

It’s about training them. They are like dogs you can’t make a dog like playing frisbee but you can make sure it doesn’t pee on the rug. I trained her to lock the car by holding down the lock pad on the S4. That locks the doors and rolls up the windows. It’s neat stuff like that where you can train them with exciting little things.

Hahaha… hey, she is getting better. She didnt used to like wagons, but now, with a little coaching, she is really liking the new Avant.

Baby steps :slight_smile:

looks clean! exhaust+ suspension will really open her up. JHM tune sure wouldn’t hurt either :wink:

hey, thanks!

I am dying to get it lowered, thats for sure.

And with low end torque off the line so poor, I agree, a tune would really help.

EDIT: Just saw your response in the other thread regarding the FSD. I think that would be perfect for this car. Now, Ill have to track down a deal. Best I have seen yet is $599 shocks only. Then you add your own springs.

Apparently the kit got real expensive in the past few years - http://www.tunersports.com/koni-fsd-spring-shock-kit-2150-4002-3_p25227.html

Or if you want to piece it together



Oh also, I would wait until black friday, you can get really good deals in a week or two

Thanks for the tip!

I always forget about Black Friday until I see all the ads online. Reason being, in Canada we haven’t traditionally had a Black Friday. We have a Boxing Day instead, which is the day after Christmas.

Last couple years, I have seen some retailers up here trying to get in on the Black Friday too. There is so much buying online nowadays that the border between the two countries for consumers is becoming more and more seamless.

Ha… you’re a funny guy…lol…

OP- great pickup. Car looks super clean and well taken care of!!