R8 1/4 mile times

Here’s one cracking 10s recently


no seats, no street tires, no care

He has LW wheels with Hoosier racing slicks, as well as plastic rear and side windows…a carbon fibre hood, and no interior

I think it’s impressive considering those run high 11s low 12s stock. The stasis supercharger gets you a slower time, lol.

Without going supercharged or turbo’ed, R8 owners are pretty limited in basic bolton options.

The owner had a really fast c63 before getting the R8, going to point him to this forum… would be cool if he collaborated with JHM and made it really fast.

Very nice times! Would still run very low 11s with interior… Not sure why he runs slicks? 1.77 60s show a lot of room for ET improvement… Hell of a mph though… I want one of these cars! Also, he is actually a big drag race guy and had one of if not the fastest c63 at some point… I bet he sprays this car soon… Could get interesting…

Lol at saki badgering the mustang guy on youtube…

Yea his c63 ran 10.3 with nos, 10.9 with boltons. I don’t think anyone has beaten his time since then.

see that?


just sending some shit back his way after a stupid comment

That R8 has a carbon fibre hood…what’s the stock hood? The stock RS4 hood is aluminium and weighs 25 lbs. Steel B7 hood is about 49 lbs for perspective. Is R8 hood steel? It’s smaller, but if it’s aluminium, it would only weigh about 20 lbs max. Probably 40 lbs if steel… Carbon fibre might weigh 10 lbs. So you can see we’re dealing with someone who is leaving no stone unturned if he is spending $2000 to save 10lbs of sprung weight (vs aluminium).

Then he has slicks and some LW wheels

Then he has lexan windows!!! That’s pretty fucking crazy. What is he saving there…50 lbs at most? Can’t imagine the cost or the diminished quality/visibility.

So it sounds like he doesn’t fuck around. At all.

As for 10.9 @ 130 that’s pretty solid. Stock V10s with a manual might be good for 11.7 @ 120. Not sure where 10 mph came from. Anyone else?

He claims it weighs 3450 as is now. So down about 200 lbs or so. That doesn’t explain picking up 10 mph.

Maybe he’s already spraying lol.

Yea he went balls out with his c63, had parts fabbed for putting on wider tires and stuff.

The mph is quite high…


4mph higher than stasis s/c hahaha

I think he is spraying mid track, 3rd gear probably… Look at him pull the mustang all of the sudden…

Stasis makes fuck all. They sell other kits, rebranded.

So that’s a VF kit in all likelihood…and the VF guys said they haven’t been to the dragstrip

So did Stasis just invent a 1/4 mile time? I wouldn’t be shocked.

motortrend did that test.

There’s a video? link must be blocked at work

What an odd tire choice. The Hoosier R6 is a track tire, not a drag racing tire, so it’s extremely stiff sidewall is ruining the launch. The R6 also takes a few minutes driving around a track to warm up. Until its warm, it’s not going the hook.

Note the stupid fake came idle lope on the 5.0

Certainly not ruining the launch compared to Street tires.


11.18 stock r8 v10 plus. Do you like that time better Saki? :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn that is impressive. Wonder where he is for weather to be in the high 60’s, that might be even more impressive compared to most of us right now haha.

Also said his best trap was 124.95. (And he does have an exhaust, but no clue about quality / performance of it)

Kinda makes the gutted car’s performance a bit less impressive actually. It’d be cool to see more times from these cars at the track.

yeah, the DSG is great on the 560 hp V10.

The manual or the Rtronic auto on the old 525 hp V10 cars wasn’t so awesome performance wise

We have discussed the V10 plus and it running low 11s a couple of times on here. It’s very solid.

Don’t forget that the plus makes an extra 40hp over the regular…and the DSG is a helluva drug.

As for where he is…whenever someone is running record quqarter mile times, you don’t need to ask. It’s in…FLORIDA of course.

Palm Beach International Raceway is my bet.

We’ll be taking our supercharged R8 V8 to the track. Wish us luck!

Good luck! And be sure to post your results/vids right here on AR. :wink:

Looking forward to the results. I think you will be the first company to do a decent s/c application on the R8.

Ya’ll gonna do the same set of tests as the RS4 release? It’d be kinda cool just for the heck of it to see it on race gas and slicks. Either way it’ll be a nice comparison. Best of luck!