RS5 Clunky Transmission issues

Hi all,

I’ve been experiencing some noticeable clunkiness with my transmission. No CEL, no transmission malfunctions, just the rough shifts particularly from 1-2 and 2-1 and some other symptoms. Coming to a stop I’m experiencing the “hump” that feels like you just got rear ended. Other notable issues are sometimes instead of experiencing the “hump” the car seems like it gets stuck trying to downshift from 2-1 and the RPM will bounce back and forth from roughly 650 to 900 until you feather the brake slightly to let the car roll. There’s also a very noticeable metallic like vibration when the car is in R or D, but goes away in N or D. The sound seems to trigger when coming to a stop and the car tries to shift from 2 to 1. And lastly, when I try to reverse the transmission will slip and jerk once or twice before fully engaging reverse and backs up smoothly.

From what I’ve researched, it seems like this is most likely mechatronics unit related. It sounds like initially the whole unit had to be replaced (~$2200), but theres now a revised circuit foil repair for about $450 (Thanks Ape).

I’m making an appointment to have it checked out and will post what they discover but until then, can any of the more technical members weigh in on this?

Appreciate the input as always!


What year?

I know the coming to a stop and feeling a “rear end” issue was fixed via a software update from Audi. Have you had any software updates done?

I haven’t had any updates done yet. I came across a few posts that said the software update and/or the re-adaptation process fixed the issue. Do you have any additional info about the software update?

You’ll have to go to the dealer to update the software. Can also be caused by improper fluid level on the ATF side or even a mechatronic going bad as you already know. Start with the simple stuff first though.

If you purchase a Ross-Tech VCDS, you can run clutch adaptation yourself but if it’s at the dealer and money isn’t a huge issue, I’d have them do it.

The metallic ringing is likely a heat shield or hose coming in contact with a portion of the transmission or body. Probably unrelated other than the jerking is shifting components around and causing the vibration.

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Should the software update be done even after going JHM Stage 2(ECU+TCU)?

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If you’re planning on going stage 2, then no, the software uses the latest file as a “base” if that makes sense. But do make sure the car is healthy prior to installing stage 2.

Oh and welcome to the community PCE! Glad to have you here.

Thanks Ape!

Thanks Ape. Initially I figured it was ATF/MTF related so I serviced both fluids (thanks to your video) but the problem continued. I will schedule to have the software updated and look into a VCDS as it’s next on my list. I will keep the thread updated with my results.

I also noticed today strangely enough that the metallic ringing went away when I turned on the A/C. Turned it off and on a few times and it almost certainly seemed to be the issue. Any ideas?

Most likely it’s just a change in the idle speed and the idle smoothing out a bit and not causing the offending parts to vibrate against one and other.