Seal66 Build thread

So, I thought I should finally do a build thread. It might take me some time to add pictures and what not since I work a lot, and I mean a lot.

Anyways, I had a 05.5 b7 before that was totaled by a deer. So a few months after I picked up a 2008 A4 6MTwith 41k miles on it, Deep Sea Blue btw.

Also I don’t have very many pictures or any of the build really. I was really lax on this one and much of the build happened when I was out of state.

I credit both BlueWater Performance and United Motorsports for all the help on building and tuning the car.

Parts list

Cts S3 KO4- Installed
IE Drop in Rods- Installed
calico rod bearings-Installed
Rs4 Sway bar- Installed
Apikol Differential mount= Installed
034 RS4 motor mounts- Installed
034 Transmission mount- Installed
034 Snub mount- Installed
034 0 vibration Bracket- Installed
Thor Skid Plate- not installed
Cupra Lip- not installed
Bilstein PSS9’s- Installed
MagnaFlow mufflers- Installed
CTS Test pipe 3’’ V-band- installed
Eurodyne W/M kit- Sold
Eurodyne Boost manager plus- Sold
Eurodyne Maestro suite 7- Sold
United Motorsports E85/Golf R tune-Installed
Rai Catch- Installed
Vast Stage 3 clutch-Installed
Vast up-pipe- Installed
VMR 701’s- Installed
Apr Carbino-Installed
Drakes Performance VS-Not Installed
Retrofit to stock headlights-Not installed
USP Metal Clutch Slave- Installed
Run cool hood vents- not installed
Dw301 LPFP- Selling
Fluidampr- Installed
APR head bolts- Installed
APR main bolts- Installed
TTRS pump- Installed
IE dowel pin kit- ???
Short shifter-Not installed
BW 3" DP- Installed

The day I brought here home,

Put my VMR 701 18x8.5’s on- pre suspension.

driving pics-

then installed PSS9’s

After all that started to acquire parts for the next phase of my plans

Also Tuned on E85 now

some dyno’s

Nice! Wen you hitting the strip or racing MEC?

What color is your car?

we are racing Sunday if I get my hpfp kit put together

Today is Sunday!

lol next Sunday, my car still doesn’t have an Ecu or cluster!

better get some videos

we should post the videos of you and Seal racing, either of you guys still have that link?

I think I have it somewhere, if seal wants me to post it.

You can upload all of the videos to Audirevolution to use and share!

Damn lol.

Deep Sea Blue

I am planning on the strip here soon. I need to raise my RPM’s for launch. I also need to get underneath her and tighten some stuff up.

It should be this Sunday coming up for the test ha.

For sure are gonna have some video’s man.

Ya post up all you want man. I don’t mind it at all.

This is seals car before he went E85.

Whoever filmed that video must have been pro, and a total stud.

Sweet seat belt covers.

I think my favorite one is the last one, if Seth didn’t miss a gear he probably would have got me by a fender.

VTEC ones?

What were the setups for each car? Besides k04

The first race the camera car started at a low RPM.

Camera car is seals setup before he went e85 and the red car is mine. Both car are full bolt ons.

now we need to see how both cars stack up with e85 vs meth!

Vs my k03 in CA!