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Merging the weather posts will screw up the ordering of this thread - the software is kind of strange. What do you want the name changed to? Just Shoot-the-Shit-Thread? That’s fine with me.

anything but GCC

for the lack of a tennis thread…

Happy for the canadian girl, but honestly I was more disappointed that we won’t be seeing more Ivanovic after last night.

Fuck. Ivanovic got knocked out? That blows.

For 19 years old she has shown tremendous composure and she is gorgeous! Too bad Ivanovic was a casualty but she surprisngly became a bitch during the match… Poor sport screaming COME ON and pumping her fist whenever Bouchard made a mistake on a big point. Serena like move…ironically Ivanovic beat Serena in the previous round, hate that cunt.

Hopefully Ivanovic continues with her new found form so that we see much more of her in the future!

How about STAN THE MAN beating the Djoker!?? Huge 4 hour five set match! Would love to see an all swiss final, but very unlikely with the draw Federer got fucked with. Nadal will most likely win this one.

+1 to that!

Is it weird that I think tennis is more boring than golf?

Tennis is 10x more boring than golf. Baseball is also incredibly boring. I can’t watch many sports besides hockey and football ('Merican, not that grass fairy shit)

I don’t think so, especially since you actually play a lot of golf.

I only started watching professional tennis a few years ago. Generally I just follow the majors.

Agree with euro that baseball is boring as hell.

Digging this song lately

UGR Gallardo for sale.

Not bad!

I have been hooked on this one:

I can watch baseball at a stadium but on TV it is boring as hell.

Yes Jimmy, going to a game is great. Watching a game on TV is horrible…and trying to follow a team through an entire season is impossible for me.

Baseball (while pretty boring for me as well) isn’t as bad a cricket. I’ve only watched one cricket game (on TV) and it was a ‘short’ game at just 8 hours…

Ahhhh but theres nothing like a 5 day test match

Sports for me:
Either playing the sport or going to the game live - can’t watch on t.v.

The exceptions: MMA. That I can easily sit through the entire program without feeling the need to do something else. I used to be able to watch moto gp and some other car racing events but not anymore. I just don’t have the patience or time really to sit for hours on end.