SIX6SIX's B6 S4 Ownership thread: New B6 owner...

Welp, i just picked this up today. I’ll be back later to give the full story… but here’s the beginning of what may be a long, or short B6 S4 saga…

That car looks beat to hell lol. Also not exactly confidence inspiring with the blacked out, “scumbag” sticker, 18" long exhaust tips… to each their own though I suppose.

Good luck?

You’re probably 100% correct lol. We’ll find out soon enough I guess. The exhaust is just a basic straight pipe some local shop did. But it was super cheap and we bought it so we (my wife and i) can learn to drive manual. Yes, I know it’s blasphemy to not know how, but I just never learned lol. Now’s the time. Front seats are ruined, but the back seats are perfect. Not sure how that happened lol. Someone must have hated the previous owner. But yeah, here we are. A nice practice car that should also sound wonderful with the proper exhaust setup. But first, the usual engine checks, etc to see whether or not I’ll be keeping it or reselling it.

WELCOME TO THE CLUB. Honestly the B6 is a great car and the manuals are fun to drive.

Have the shop give you a compression test you will see that one bank of the motor will have higher results then the other side. Don’t fret too much on the results as the motors really need to be warm to get good results.

Here is the results thread for compression tests

Here is a good thread on building a B6 and the things to look for.

Thanks I sent the links to the mechanic. I probably should’ve just had the cat towed to Jimmy but it was so short notice that I didn’t feel it would’ve been right to pressure him.

Well between jimmy and this forum you should be all set. interested in hearing how the car is.

Welp fml… lol

Engine failure… Drivers side… And it just ran to get on the trailer etc. Misfired like shit when it got off the trailer though. Now we know why lol… glad I didn’t spend a lot.

…so, I’m keeping it

…let the journey continue lol

ohhh $H!T game on. keep us posted we are all here to help you get the car back on its feet and running top shape.

Thanks man. Shout outs go to CV and JimmyBones

Both top guys for sure. excited to hear more on your car soon.

Oh yeah, thanks goes to you as well for pleading my case to CV before I got the chance to speak to him. Lifesavers.

Car should finally be moved today. Engine, etc on the way probably sometime soon as well. Will place order for remaining parts needed when the list comes, and then another list after the car is in progress. I really want to gut and cage the car since it’s so far gone aesthetically but we’ll see as it’s in progress. Also because I’m imagining the V8 roar through an empty cabin would be glorious. Sound is generally the main draw for me these days, and I doubt this S4 will disappoint. May buy this carbon fiber boser hood from a guy that had his parted out, and eventually a trunk. but then again, may be a waste on a car that’s not for looks lol. Time will tell…

Okay, so it’s been a long time since the last update… the car sat forever at the shop that does all of the work on my S6.

Engine is here and out of the machine shop (thanks to Jimmy and CV), the car was delivered yesterday. I need to go back and take pictures of the engine whenever I get the valve covers. Think I’m going to have them painted to match my wife’s helmet, or maybe just wait until later since I really don’t want to hold up the process. Still need to:

  1. order misc parts and timing upgrades after we have a tentative list of what else is needed for the swap to be as reliable as possible.

  2. buy tires and spacers to make the C6.0 S6 wheels fit so we can replace the black wheels that are currently poking out past the fender.

  3. get the replacement alcantara seats cleaned/shampooed and installed (will take pictures as it’s getting done).

  4. get windshield replaced (partner in the shop has a source for ~$200)

  5. get headliner fixed or replaced

  6. learn to drive manual (the most important part of all of this lol)

  7. replace head unit to updated RNS-E or go full aftermarket or figure out some other music solution so my wife will be willing to ride in it lol

  8. get golden coolerworx shifter (white dog racing group buy) installed

  9. start working on handling related upgrades after I feel comfortable (proficient) driving manual quickly around corners.

  10. get body work done and get car resprayed

  11. get car stickered and/or wrapped as promo for our shop, JimmyBones, CV, JHM, etc…

Nice to see this moving along. I think learning to drive being number 6 is pretty funny.

These motors are really strong and will last a long time. Just be good on your oil changes and other maintenance and you should be more than fine.

looks like a good list. I’m sure it will grow but its a great start.

Forgot to mention on AR, but I finally got the Coolerworx shifter from White Dog Racing. The car is in progress so time to learn how to drive it I guess lol.

WTF is that. I have never heard of that. It looks like its an assisted shifter… Whats the deal with that.

It’s a Coolerworx short throw shifter with reverse lockout. Looked and sounded pretty cool when I saw them online and White Dog Racing had a group buy shortly after I discovered them, soooooo here we are lol. I think I still require the HD linkage kit from JHM but yeah it should prove entertaining and draw questions at the very least.

I’m used to seeing the JHM solid shifter. So I’m trying to figure out how that’s going to install. I guess you can or you would have to use the lower half of your OEM shifter but that would be a big red flag for me and at that point I would just send it back. I’m still trying to get a grasp on the install with the big apparatus on the front.

I thought it was like a push shifter where you just push and pull and you don’t have to move to the gate position but I guess not.

It will be interesting to see how this installs.

Apparently the install is pretty much like this B5 install, but I have all of the instructions so I guess we’ll see lol… I still need to bring it down to Jimmy.

Interested in the entire build. Thanks for keeping the thread up to speed.