So the rebuild begin.

The engine rebuild has begun due to an oil leak with a few upgrades.

Here is the list:

Replacing all seals, hoses, belts, chains, filters, plugs 1 degree colder
Carbon Clean
JHM SAI delete
JHM Intake spacer
New fuel injectors
JHM light weight flywheel
Spark plug tube seals
Custom manifolds and exhaust
Custom ECU/TCU tune
Engine Mounts
New water pump
New thermostat
New starter

There may be more replaced upon inspected. Tried to post a pic but it says the upload folder is full.

Nice, look forward to reading your thread.

Where are you getting the work done?

Yeah i got the folder full thing too

The exhaust is the same as V8A6 has with the CV headers and catback correct… Excited to see more

For pictures click here

Very easy

Awesome! That’s a good list, very thorough. I would also check your coil packs while you’re at it. Also, how does the lightweight flywheel work? I thought all S6’s had tiptronic trannies?? Did you mean lightweight crank pulley? You may also want to replace, or at least check, your vac lines, seems to be a problem we’re seeing more and more on these cars. If you haven’t seen it already, check out my JHM thread in here, where I give a complete list of all the maintenance items that were discovered in my car after an extended period of little-to-no maintenance.

Yes the vacuum lines were an issue on my wifes A4 until she totaled it.

Yes I met the pulley.

The exhaust is similar to V8A6 just no cats.

My cousin is doing the work. He is a Mercedes mechanic but helps with the car all the time. He is very through and detailed with his work.

Coil packs were replaced already.

Sounds good, enjoy the process and make sure you post your thoughts about it all when your done! Tracks times would be great too, just make sure you don’t post a video of your car racing and leave everyone indefinitely in suspense about what your times were ;D (just messing with you CV)

Nice, another s6 project!!! Almost say they are getting popular!

I’m a big fan of people buying JHM mods for their V10’s, it motivates them to keep innovating for us!

Man this is very exciting. Let us know how it all goes. We are seeing lots of little issues that previous owners never addressed it sounds like your build is no different that what many guys have been seeing.

interested to see and hear more.

So so so so true. Supporting the company that is supporting the V10 movement is a smart way to invest in your car and the advancement of the platform.

JHM is known for helping grow dead platforms into record breaking platforms. JHM is known for putting money back into the platforms that support them. The quickest way to stop growth of a platform is when the community is divided and there is no reason for a company to invest in new products. Even buying spark plugs or gaskets from JHM is helping grow JHMs interest and support.

THey will be getting my business when it comes time for new brakes.
Intake spacers once i open up the manifold as well eventually.

Both great addons they made a big difference on my car

Front end is off and can see the oil leaks. It is a mess. I uploaded pictures to my profile.

Not sure why I can’t view profiles, can you embed the pictures in here? Just right-click on the picture on your profile and copy the image location, then paste it a post in here with IMG tags or the “insert image” button

I too cannot view the profile.

nobody can view profiles, don’t feel bad.

The profile has the guy’s personal email etc and other information that none of us would want public.

There is the link for future use

Thanks for posting it Justin.

Anytime… Thank you. You keep putting up the pictures and Ill post them if you want. Or the link I put up takes you right to your folder.

Sorry it has been awhile. Parts have been ordered!! I will post a parts list of everything that was replaced. Also, anyone interested in used parts let me know. I replaced all the fuel injectors and engine mounts but they are working. Doing a lot of preventative maintenance.