Summit Raceway - October 10 - 2014

Will be headed there tonight, will be meeting up with Ron. This will be our second head to head, always a good time. You guys know about my modifications since last time

GIAC V2 vs V1
Catch Can
Carbon Clean
Colder Plugs(misfiring on cold starts)

I am not sure if he has changed anything.

Anyways, anyone have any preference on where to place my go pro?

where’s that?



It’s Norwalk Saki, best track in the MW if not country… Should be very good DA’s and the track flat out hooks hard… My mustang would run .1-.2 faster there compared to Thompson…

Should be exciting, good luck guys.


I was reading something online recently that said Thompson was faster than norwalk. Will be interesting to see. Maybe thompson re-calibrated an error out that caused the disconnect (i.e. an error that caused your mustang times to be disparate…and they’ve fixed it in the last 4 years (at least) since you stopped racing the mustang).

When you guys went head to head last time where was it?

Last time we were at Thompson! I out 60’ed Ron everytime(almost) but that APR was faster than GIAC’s V1. #headerfail

So should be interesting.

Yeah, no way Thompson is faster than Norwalk… Would love to see who wrote that… It’s at 400ish foot higher elevation to start…

Thanks Euro! Should be fun and something to do on a cold Friday… lol

Pretty sure I have no chance ;D I’m just going to amuse Jeff and be part of GIAC/AWE’s next Marketing campaign…

Good luck boys. We heading to atco sunday with pete’s dad’s B8.5, a 2014 CLA45 amg, and TT Jeep SRT8. should be fun being a jockey again. ;D

have you tested your theory in the past 4 years?

I have asked before, but if you have a much faster track so close, why not go there once in a while? You haven’t been on the top of the record list for quite a while. I’d have gone the day after rynurz pipped me if I were you lol

Tsivas, Nice! 16 inch wheels this year? ;D J/K Looking forward to seeing how you guys do…

LOL back to those 17s. might slap on the JHM front and rear rotors from my S4 if they want. should be 45 F when track opens at 9am.

Saki, Not personally, but it’s pretty much known by the guys who run at the tracks around here that Norwalk is the fast track… Lordoftherings went a few tenths faster there(Norwalk) in worse weather this year with the same mods…

As for why I don’t go there are a few reasons… They have way more events so it’s always a zoo and even TNT’s are way more packed… They close much earlier in the year, this is the last night except for a big Halloween event, Thompson is open through Nov. Thompson is 15 minutes from me Norwalk is hour half+ from me… So I can go there make passes and be home in a few hours, Norwalk is a whole day to get a few passes… They are also very strict with rules at Norwalk and Thompson is lax, IE if Jeff goes 11.49 tonight he won’t be making anymore passes…

Believe it or not and you probably won’t I’m over the whole record thing… Sure I’ll talk some shit if I get it but Ryan and Jeff are both good guys and Jeff has done way more tinkering to make his car faster so he deserves it…

Hey Ron, what’s the regulations? Why if I dip below 11.5 I won’t be running? What’s required after that?

I think these are still the ruls but haven’t researched it in a while… It’s also a TNT so they may not stop you, but if it was a big event you’d get the boot… Got to that point in my Mustang… Sometimes they’ll give a warning and tell you to slow down and boot you if you do it again…

13.99 seconds

  • Drive Line Loop with slicks (13.00 with street tires)
  • Approved helmet
  • Roll bar in convertibles
  • SFI seat belts in convertibles
  • SFI 3.2A/1 Jacket in vehicles equiped with non-OEM nitrous, turbos or superchargers

11.49 seconds

  • SFI Flywheel / Clutch / Bellhousing Steel Valve Stems / Arm Restraints (open cars)
  • SFI 3.2A/1 approved jacket
  • Roll bar
  • SFI approved seat belts

10.99 seconds or Super Street

  • SFI Transmission Shield, or at 135 mph - Aftermarket axles
  • SFI Harmonic Balancer
  • Roll Cage with altered floor pans, or 135 mph - Window net required
  • Ignition cut-off on all bikes / snowmobiles that exceed 135 mph

9.99 seconds or Super Gas or 135 mph

  • NHRA Chassis Certification
  • NHRA Competition License
  • SFI jacket & pants 3.2A/5
  • SFI neck collar & gloves 3.3/1
  • SFI flexplate / flexplate shield

150 mph

  • Parachute

roll bar is required

Alright then. Guess that will dictate when I leave.

Doubt the car has that much more with the different fuel this time. Just did a couple pulls yesterday after filling up. Hit my 30 degrees at the top of 3rd and 4th. This was in 65 degree weather. So should be able to hit that easily tonight.

Only hit 24-26 at St Thomas the other weekend with that Fuse fuel.

Wasn’t impressed.

I don’t get this ‘hit 30 degrees’

care to elaborate?

Sorry, timing.

When I ran my best time last season. It was in -62 DA running my combo fuel of 100/e85. Car peaked at 30 degrees timing in 2nd 3rd and top of 4th.

Last weekend, I ran that Fuse 116 unleaded fuel and I only hit 26 degrees once. This was in 450 DA. So, logically the car should have some more in it if DA will be around -100 tonight and I hit 30 degrees timing consistently.

ill bet u best your best 11.61 bro DA will def be better than last weekend. get that bitch to hook.

if it wasn’t so far id come.