Supercharger for C6 S6

Anyone know about this supercharger kit that claims 730 hp and 695 ft lbs of torque? Expensive but impressive. Any info or anyone using this kit?

VPS = PES reboot. But since PES has such a terrible name and a really bad long list of issues. It looks like they tried a new name.

Search PES and there is like 50 pages of issues from taking money and never shipping the actual parts due to some cases being there was never an actual end product just pictures. To parts that didn’t work. To units that caused damage and blown motors.

Thanks for the eye opener. Would have been nice if we could get a kit like that.

PES = VPS is a disaster.

Ive posted this a few times but the PES SC v10 car before it blew up claimed to have something like 500whp but went slower than your average JHM tuned Na ECU and TCU car in the 1/4 mile

APR dropped all of their kits for the Na motors due to the fact that these roots style blower create so much heat they end up not being all that great and in many cases cause more motor damage than motor power.

Appreciate the feedback, thanks. On another note, while replacing my wye pipe on the intake took a video to see the condition of the the flaps, to my surprise they were in pretty good shape But someone left a rag in the flap port, unbelievable :scream: