Swapping intake manifold - what else should I do

Thanks to DC-S6 I have a new intake manifold to swap onto my 08 s6 to fix the vacuum leak, and I’m finally getting off my lazy ass to do the work. I’m planning on putting on a set of jhm intake spacers while it’s apart, is there anything else I should do while I have it off (ordering parts right now)? Any advice would be appreciated


I’d do the carbon cleaning while you’re there, as well as replacing the oil O rings under the oil filter housing.

I had the carbon cleaned last year but I’ll definitely clean out what’s built up since then, and I’ll order the o-rings for the oil filter, anything else that I should check for?

It’s hard because there is so much that isn’t a bad idea to replace. I think it’s a great time to take stock of the condition of the PCV system as a multiple piece unit. Check or leaks in the bigger hoses. Check the oil separator for cracks and if you feel comfortable check the diaphragm. When putting everything back together use a small amount of silicone to help seal everything up.

I’ve already replaced the pcv valve on it, but I will take a look at all of the hoses as well to see if any need replacing since it seems like I’ll have better access

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Maybe give the injectors some love whilst you’re there

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When I did my intake I went ahead and did the injectors (got a set from @JimmyBones) and he recommended to replace the valley pan cover gasket, piston squirter valve, and timing tensioner oil check valve. All went well except for some stubborn injectors.

Wish this had been posted a month ago, I’m about to pull my new intake already for injectors :joy:

That’s why I like to ask first, lol

What are the torque specs for the two halves of the intake manifold? I pulled it apart just to give everything a good cleaning. I can’t seem to find it in the manual.

It’s not supposed to be taken apart according to audi, so they do not provide the specs. You can either do it how your gut tells you, or you can try to reach pierburg and ask them, as they are the manufacturer of the manifold, however chances they give you that info is pretty slim.

I’ll just do two steps in a spiral pattern, 5 and 15 or something and see how it feels

Have another question, looks like I have a fair bit of carbon on the valves, it’s all pretty loose (I’m assuming since the a/f was off due to my vacuum leak since I had it cleaned) I’d like to do a good clean on them but I don’t have the rad off so I can’t get at the crank to turn the engine over to close all of the valves. I have that attachment you can put on a shop vac to vac them out but I’m hesitant to put any sort of solvent in there since I can’t close them, does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about cleaning them without getting a bunch of crap on the pistons?

If you haven’t removed the alternator and the belt, than you can turn the engine by turning the alternator.

That’s awesome, thanks. I’ll try that tonight. Got the intake back together last night, I just did 5 then 10 pounds (don’t have a metric torque wrench) to tighten them up, 15 seemed like a bit much when I started getting on them and I didn’t want to strip anything. Also relized that I forgot to order a second set of intake manifold gaskets to go with the spacers, so I need to track down a set :rage:

Does anyone know what size the e-clips are that hold the actuator arms on to the flaps? I dropped mine putting it back together and can’t find them anywhere


Thanks for the links, I ended up just ordering a pack of various sizes from amazon, turns out they are metric 3 e clips. The pack came with 30 so hopefully I don’t lose them all lol.

Does anyone know what this plastic/rubber hose is for? The plastic section was broken so I’m going to replace it with rubber, I’m just curious what it is, I can’t seem to find it on the engine diagrams but there are a lot of lines in the area (I’m assuming another vacuum line?). Just need to find a place to zip tie it out of the way since I won’t be able to use the clips anymore

(stole this picture from nizmo’s thread over at the autozine forums - since I still have the rad and front end on my car - thanks for the clear picture if you’re on here!)

It’s been a min since I have seen that line but from what I remember I think it was for the SAI?