Tapatalk down???

The TapaTalk interface died yesterday and hasn’t worked since…something wrong?

Still working for me. Android 4.0.4/Samsung Nexus S.

working here, iOS

Same…working fine on Android

Cory delete it, then reinstall

Thanks, that worked. Weird, AR was the only forum that wasn’t working.

tapatalk gets possessed from time to time I noticed, pulls up threads from other websites, posts responses in other forums, strange stuff

I’ve received a couple messages from tapatalk in the past couple days saying that:

[user] sent you a message “null” - AudiRevolution

But I have no messages in my message box. Any ideas on what this means?

FYI, I blanked the user name for anonymity :slight_smile:

Gonna bump this because:

"Cannot connect to forum

This forum is either restricting access from tapatalk or the installed Tapatalk plugin is not working. Please contact your forum administrator."

followed by

"System Message

Received from client compressed HTTP request and cannot decompress"

Forum or App issue?

User problem?

its working fine for me. tapatalk can be kinda buggy sometimes, I typically force stop it or uninstall/reinstall and it goes back to working fine

I think it’s the forum to be honest. Seems to go down for a couple of minutes a few times a day. Mornings are the worst. Perhaps something behind the scenes being updated etc.

beem - what’s a 93 ostrich



look at the size of that fucking thing. It would kick the shit out of us.

Did you guys see the Ostrich that was loose, running in the streets? He was running with traffic, then zigged and zagged a bit and was soon hit. I think it survived but was a little shaken up.


I get this error every time I try to open up a link to another thread within the same forum. For example, someone posts a link to a thread in that same forum in their post. I click it and get this.


I think I see the problem…

did not

my friend said his dad breeds them and they can run faster than they can drive the car (they live in rural greece, and the ostriches run alongside the fence of their property when they leave sometimes. They said the cars can get up to like 60 mph on the road…and the ostrich just kicks right along for 50 yards or so before it slows down

what phone?

Here it is, it cracks me up when it’s running with the flow of traffic, presumably in a bike lane of some sort.


No issues with Taptalk here. It’s the only way I browse this forum and have never run into issues.

iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.3.