That time of the year... Made some passes today...

Went to the dragstrip today to make some passes and do some specific logging… Car ran very good… No records or anything but I’ll be getting a new tune on it based on some of the testing Loe has been doing with APR… DA was 1350-1550 according to dragtimes but my weather station showed a little higher but either way nothing optimal…

My Car: 2010 Audi S4 - DSG with sports dif, currently has 10,300 miles, most runs done with 1/4 tank of gas, tools and spare removed.

Mods: APR tune, APR DSG tune with LC disabled/AMAX enabled, APR blower pulley, APR crank pulley, APR TB, APR intake(larger filter and no box), APR CPS v1, 034 HFC’s, Miltek non-res dp/catback, front and rear sways, 380mm Brembo BBK, JHM LW rear rotors, BBS CHR’s, Conti’s with 38psi up front and 36 out back.

Made 5 passes… 11.31, 11.28. 11.31, 11.28, and 11.29. Very consistent! lol Went with a 2014 S5 GIAC DP car. He went 11.61 and 11.67 at 118+.

Here are a couple gopros…

The revised tune should really improve my et and mph so we’ll see how it goes… I’ll make sure to post…

Questions/comments let me know…

Very consistent! Great runs Ron

Great to see you getting back to the track again. It is funny if you go back and read a few years back it looked like this kind of performance was only going to be an option if you had a different blower.

11.3 is a great time and a good strong MPH to go with it. From what I remember you were looking for better results last year. What are your thoughts on the place you will be in after the update. I don’t know too much on the 3.0T other than what I follow from what you post but what would be different in the update that you don’t already have.

Thanks for keeping us uptodate.

Thanks man! Yeah, was hoping it would go a little faster but did like the consistency…

Thanks man! The tune is getting revised… Not sure of all what is being addressed but my timing advance is lower than Loe and Matt so… I’ll make some more passes soon with a new tune so we’ll see… Hopefully, I’ll catch some good DA’s in Nov.

Damn! no fluke results here

Ron’s right, he needs more timing. I see a few degrees more advancement than he does and on my taller geared B8.5 I went 124.01mph in 2,200ft D/A on a run where I wasn’t even able to get a proper launch. He’ll pick up a few more MPH soon.

Nah, I’m pretty consistent with my staging and launches and the car is pretty consistent as well… lol

Exactly! I think I’ll be very close to you and Matt one I’m getting similar advancement… I logged what Eric was looking for and he feels with the very little timing retard I’m getting adding some across the range will not be a problem. Eric’s making the tune for me… Will say was a little bummed my trap was down in the mid 123 range vs low/mid 124’s in only slightly better DA. Hoping for 11.0x-11.1x at 125+ with the new tune and DA in the 500-800 range… We’ll see soon!

Nicely done Ron, good to see you back out there !

I watched the GoPro’s and was curious about the shifting, maybe I’ve been away from the platform too long but are the shifts normally that lethargic, not trying to sound offensive or dumb but my ZF shifts are way different than that and I’d think the DSG would be a little more precise than mine.

Again, great to see you out there and hope you get a little more seat time before the weather turns on you.

Nice Ron. Nice to see you’re still at it.

We had a track rental Monday at atco. DA was also in +1200 to +1400 range I believe. Temps in 70s and humid as hell.

Moogas had similar times to you Ron. I’ll let him chime in with his times etc. Saw his logs though. Peak timing now is in mid 30s for the race file? :eyes:

Iroz stage 2 RS3 ran 11.1@127 on MS109
APR Stage 3 B8 S4 ran 11.9-12.0@115/116 :grinning:

Good to see you out there again Ron… got a little worried for a minute… thought you gave it up. I’ll send some stuff as soon as I have some time. Cheers

that RS3…pretty awesome.

Feel bad for the stage 3 B8 S4 guy,.

Cobrario, Thanks! The car will be much faster and I expect to be right there with Matt and Loe when I run with the new tune… That’s how AMAX works… It seems slow but it’s actually faster as the car does not retard timing or dump boost… It’s certainly deceptive…

tsivas, Hey bud hope all is well… Yeah, still at it… Just busy with life but always time for dragracing this time of the year… lol Was the stage III APR, that Mike Kayak dude with the red car? He’s pretty vocal on facepage but would never acutally run the car, funny if it’s him that now he’s run it and hasn’t said anything… Sucks as I know Eric mentioned he had expected great results with his tune revisions, but maybe he’s on an older tune? Tough to say w/o seeing data… Man the new TTRS/RS3’s are badass!

moogas1, Nah I’m not going anywhere just don’t race much in the summer as I’d rather spend the time with my 6 year old son. Need to get the Prosche out as well since I have a new tune on that… Awesome times you’re putting up and hopefully I’ll be there soon…

Thanks guys!

yep red car. might have been him. was apparently on 6th revision of software he said. he didn’t socialize much.
didn’t look too happy. I only saw a few of his runs and they were in that 12.0 range. I can’t see him making that much of an improvement in ET versus the runs I didn’t see.

With the RS3- we were expecting a high 10 second run. Owner was a little disappointed but weather was a bit shitty and humid. He ran a shit ton of times and was very consistent. Unitronic I believe ran a 10.9 on the TTRS with just a flash/pump fuel which is nuts. Granted the TTRS is a bit lighter but this car had downpipes, intercooler and stage 2 software on MS109. Iroz ran in 10s with this same setup out west.

Hopefully he comes out when we do our early spring rental.

Uni has run 10.9 on the TTRS and Nikko traded his RS in on one. He’s since gone 10.93 I believe it was with it as well- that platform is vey promising - Uni says they’ve gone 10.3x in their house TTRS (not sure what other mods) but haven’t posted slips - saying they know the car will run 9’s so they’ll wait to post until that happens. We’ll see I guess…

Prime- this was the stage 3 b8 S4 at the track rental (@52 seconds). I guess he ran against the Iroz R during the day.

Guess that’s APR’s reply to Uni :wink:

so only with a tune that RS3 is somewhere around 500hp