The Concert Thread

general banter threads are fun, so I figured I’d start one about concerts. Post up about anything, memorable shows, recents shows you recommend, shows you are planning on going to, etc.

For me, I just saw Rammstein for the first time last night. I’ll post pictures in a bit but needless to say the show itself was incredible. Everything about it (sans the $7 beer) was amazing. If you have the chance to catch this tour I couldn’t recommend it more, worth ever penny.

Next show I’m hoping to make it to is Roger Water’s at Fenway Park. Its still The Wall tour, which I caught in fall 2010, but its definitely worth seeing over and over

the German guys who sing Du Hast? They’re metal.

I am so pissed I missed Van Halen a month ago. They were here in Toronto. I need to go to Pittsburgh or something to catch them. Van Halen proper, not Van Hagar.

Them Crooked Vultures at the Air Canada Centre (home of the Leafs) in Toronto. Amazing gig, supported by the Arkells (Canadian). All sorts of people and ages there - Led Zep fans (JP Jones), Nirvana/Foo/QOTSA fans (to see Dave Grohl/Josh Homme). They just looked like three guys having a laugh, playing some good tunes. Great stuff. Highly recommended. Except for the $12.25c beer.

The Arkells are a great band live too. We’ve seen them twice and both times they put out a good show. They won a Juno recently and are currently on a US tour.

I’ve also seen the King’s of Leon twice and they are also awesome live.

I’m gutted I missed the Arctic Monkeys recently. Great Northern (England) band:

yup thats them, the show is very metal as well

heres a few pics, I’ll try to upload the video of buck dich (it was awesome seeing them play that given they got fined for on stage acts while playing it Worcester 14 years ago lol) later

lots of pyro lol

I won tickets for LMFAO / Pitbull on Canada day.

Summer outside concert + warm weather = bitches in bikini’s / topless!!! ;D

Ill suffer through the music for the sights! lol

Tried to get Madonna tickets for the wife’s birthday but by the time i was able to log into ticketmaster only seats left were behind the stage or behind pillars… those tickets were still 150$+ a ticket btw!
fuck that!


Along with Van Halen, I need to see Paul McCartney live (sounds lame, but he plays/wrote tons of Beatles stuff live…and The Beatles are just about as big as it gets in the last 100 years of music on this planet).

These guys will all be retired/dead/broken up before long and I’ll be saying FUCK why didn’t I see them.

at least there were tickets, shows in New England are typically at very small venues with feverish fans… which means tickets sell out fully almost instantly. The Tool show I went to in Boston earlier this year sold out the Garden in less than 10 minutes. The Roger Waters show sold out Fenway similarly quickly.

Stubhub becomes the only option. I actually got an AMEX gold card just to get access to the presales lol

Tool was just in Toronto and i missed them… i was on ticketmaster looking at madonna tickets and say they had played the night before!!! FML

Beatles fan, eh?

The retired/dead/broken up thing is an unfortunate truth, I’ll never see Pantera and SOAD is looking iffy, and Pink Floyd as a whole obviously will never happen but Waters and Gilmour playing together seems like it’ll be a once in a lifetime oppurtunity if it ever does happen again.

Tool and madonna in the same statement, never thought I’d see that lol

Picked up tickets to see Iron Maiden for the 3rd time as they come through Chicago this summer.

Also picked up some tickets for Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest… This years featuring : Slayer, Slipknot, Anthrax, Motorhead, As I Lay Dying, and some other less known bands.

Ticketmaster also has a hookup for CitiCard holders, which I just happen to have one, saved me on getting lawn tickets for a couple shows.


SOAD is touring this year.

August 9, 2012: Comcast Center – Boston, MA*

nice, who is playing with Maiden, iirc it was someone big…

and Mayhem sounds pretty badass this year… I went last year in Hartford, CT and remember the parking lot and then waking up to some dude puking all over the lawn which in turn turned my very uneasy stomach… did get to see the very end of megadeth’s set (seen them a few times so it wasnt a big miss being blacked out), and all of disturbed and godsmack’s set…

…funny thing about that is when I was a senior in HS I went to godsmack/rob zombie, at the time I was more into rob zombie and had planned on drinking through godsmack’s set (brought in bottles of lemon extract LOL) to be lit during rob zombie’s set, but since the show was in mansfield MA and godsmack being the local bad they were closing the show; I hammered down all my tastey lemon extract (4 2oz bottles of it at 76% abv) and promptly passed the fuck out for godsmack’s set… so seeing godsmack’s set at mayhem was a nice redemption lol

omg, nice thanks for the heads up

this thread has already proven its worthfulness lol

…edit fuck, supposed to be going to florida with my gf aug 4-11, may have to do the NJ show on the 2nd on the way down

The first mayhem I went to was slightly less intriguing. headliners were dragonforce/distrubed/slipknot.

Few other good bands were there, Five Finger Death Punch was, but I’m a big Corey Taylor/Stone Sour/Slipknot fan (saw him on his book tour, was pretty awesome when he started doing an acoustic cover of spit it out, he also covered comfortably numb, and a bunch of other good stuff.

Pretty sure it’s Alice Cooper with Maiden this summer. (Just checked, and yeah, totally is Alice Cooper.)

Last year it was Dream Theater w/Maiden which was pretty awesome too.

Yeah, I literally found about that 4 days ago. Figured there is probably a bunch of people who’ve never seen SOAD and would love to scoop up a ticket.

Worst thing I’ve ever done, my buddy had a spare ticket to see NiN on the farewell tour. My GF is a huge Trent Reznor fan, and had never seen NiN live… SO, I gave up my free ticket to see NiN for her to go. I’ll likely never get to see NiN live, but oh well I’ll live, I guess.

dude…Maiden shows are the best. They’re 50+ and rock it like they’re 20 again. That’s another band I need to go see soon…and they’re perrennially touring.

I dated a girl who was a rep for their record company…and Maiden was one of her bands. Maiden, Motley Crue, Coldplay…all bands that she looked after. Was an awesome connection lol.

Speaking of old fuckers on tour, I saw Ozzy last year and he was AMAZING. He played I think 19 or 20 songs? Nuts for a 60+ year old. He looks really fucked up…but he sounds MINT. Like it’s the 70s with Sabbath again.

Also want to see Pearl Jam. they apparently put on really strong shows…25+ songs (close to 30 sometimes)…different (wildly) setlist every night. Pretty awesome. That PJ20 documentary was great to watch.

I just love that Seattle scene…Alice in Chains #1 by a light year (for me)…then the supergroups like Mad Season (Layne Staley from chains singing, Mike McCready on guitar+drummer from the screaming tress + some other dude playing bass…that guy killed himself. So did staley. So half this band is dead) and Temple of the Dog (basically the leftover Mother Love Bone members + Eddie Vedder before they were Pearl Jam, + most of Soundgarden). Then Soundgarden and Pearl Jam and . Nirvana nearly last. Not that interesting to me.

It’s funny how inter-related all those good Seattle bands were. You have Mother Love Bone, a decent band who unfortunately loses their singer Andrew Wood to an OD (check out Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns).

Then Jerry Cantrell, the guitarist in Alice in Chains writes a great tribute song to Andrew Wood called ‘Would’ that I’m sure you all know.

Then you get the Temple of the Dog tribute album written almost entirely by Chris Cornell from Soundgarden, who was Andrew Wood’s roommate) and performed by Soundgarden + Pearl Jam (before they were Pearl Jam) which produces Hunger Strike, one of the best Seattle tunes.

Then you get Mike McCready in rehab with some friends who decide to make a band…and they invite Layne Staley to sing with them. They figured it would be good for Layne to be around some clean guys (he famously never really embraced rehab). They create Mad Season and a wicked album called Above. Couple of the better songs were River of Deceit and Lifeless Dead

Here’s a video of Mad Season playing Lifeless Dead in Eddie Vedders house…Eddie played DJ and broadcast like 3-4 hours of music including live stuff with these guys, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam. Went out over a couple of radio stations who picked up the feed.

Any other 90s Seattle fans?

^^^ Great music! Those are the only cd’s in my car right now.

I’ve actually seen Pearl Jam, I was 4 years old and I slept through their set lol … my parents brought me to a Neil Young concert because he was my favorite musician at that age