Trump to impose 35% tariff on German car makers......

LOL. American politics is at a all time low, and its only getting worse. The whole world is laughing at us, and its fuckin embarassing.

Who will end up paying for that tariff…the consumer. Trump is a full retard.

Being an elected politician is like joining a fraternity/sorority. If you’re in you’re in, if not you’re fucked (regular civilians)

This thread should be fun lol. May have to move to the War Room.

He’s using leverage to save jobs for your country.

All time low?

Fuck that…

I agree. With a tax or tariff that high most peope will look back to american cars. Sure Audi and others can pass on that cost or tax but people will just take there money elsewhere. Not saying he is right or wrong but its intended plan is to bring more busniess in america. If audi opens up a factory here no tariff. I dont see audi opening a factory here but the plan has kept ford GM Apple and as list of other companys from moving to mexico. The tax break and tariff seems to have pushed several companys to invest in the USA again.

Not saying I agree with everything or every idea trump has but I will say this. This is hardly a low point IMHO when you look at how low the US government and media is.

End result = German cars will be much more expensive… >:( >:( >:( >:( and a terrible way to try and keep jobs here.

The corruption in politics is only increasing.

Has anyone seen this lying fucks tax proposal ??? Promised to cut taxes…well he is cutting taxes for anyone making over 400fuckingK per year. are you fukin kidding me? 7% tax cut for the rich who only right off most their anyone.

ALL the white collar middle to upper class will be paying for this tax cut of the fuckin rich as their taxes will be seeing a 5% fucking increase.

Most everyone else will NOT see a tax decrease.

He is in it for himself and his friends.

I’ll stump for Trump here because only unoriginal people repeat what they hear on teevee.

Trump is saying that if a European auto manufacturer builds a plant in North America, they’re going to have to build it in the United States. Canada should be fine also because they have a similar cost of labor and environmental standards. He’s asserting that manufacturers are not going to build cars in Mexico and pay people $4/hr to make them, then bring those cars over the border without a tariff to equalize both the labor and environmental impact.

Nothing he said applies to cars built in Germany sold in the US. However, the EU applies a 10% tax to all US made cars whereas the US only applies a 2% tariff to German cars sold in the US. This will be renegotiated. I’m going to use the EU and Germany interchangeably because Germany is the EU for all intents and purposes. They export their inflation to EU member states and built all of their shit, a double whammy of unaffordability and co-dependence.

Because of the unfair EU tariff on US cars and other regulations, Cadillac only sold 800 cars in Germany last year. Mercedes imported 177,000 cars to the US.

Lots of people who live in cities pay 40-44% in income tax because they are high earners with few deductions. The medicare tax cut is going to reduce my effective tax rate from 43.3% to 43%. Hardly life changing. I’m sure the government can be a little bit more efficient.

The most fucked up part of the last 8 years is our government borrowed $9.3 trillion extra in addition to rolling most the $10 trillion of debt we already had (at lower interest rates and shorter durations). Put another way, Obama and Congress borrowed $80,000 per taxpayer just to keep the lights on. The sad part is the govt is still a cash burning machine - the economy didn’t grow enough for how much borrowed.

If your worried I wouldnt. The MSM is propaganda BS. I used to fall for it years ago but now realize that if the repubs have a good plan they attack it and put out fake news.

Middle class paying more taxes is just usual MSM fuzzy math. When and if we see a tax increase and knowing what I know about government and fake news MSM we wont. but if for some reason we pay more then Ill have an issue. However from past experience under bush W I paid less taxes then when Obama apparently cut my taxes according to the fake news MSM I was paying less taxes under obama… LOL NO

And if all people making 500k or even 2million a year get a 10% tax break…who fucking cares. I dont care what other people pay in taxes i care what I pay in taxes. Again the propaganda MSM tries to create this point like its a winning argument. If in deed the upper class get a break and we have to pay more then I will have an issue. But considering the math shows the richest 5% pay most of the taxes.

Again for me. The dems and MSM try this class warfare. The rich need to pay there fair share we need to tax the rich more… ahh no I dont care what the rich pay I care what I pay. Telling me your going to tax the rich more dosent make me feel any better about paying my taxes. Ive never seen the rich paying more taxes result in me paying less. Its just a chant to get more government money to fucking blow… How about the government just cuts wasted spending and we all win and we all pay less taxes… To me that is a smart argument and what really needs to happen.

Taxes and intitlements are just modern day slave vote attempts. Now you get people that are just living on the government and they know keep the handouts going to try and keep the votes coming in. Not a fan and apparently either is most of america.

As with Audi imports being more expensive… Yup thats probably what will happen but again thats kinda the point. I dont say I like the result in more expensive Audi cars new. But if you want to drive a pro america work force and try to bring more work more jobs in that reward system kinda works that way.

I have learned the MSM hates repubs and tries to prop up dems no matter what they do. Obama did the exact same things bush W did before him and the MSM ripped bush for it and called obama a visionary… Its all shit… Before you worry about tax stuff or real pollicy stuff I would wait and take it as it comes.

Like I said we could get a huge 20k tax break where we all get checks and if its because trump came up with the idea the MSM would somehow twist it to make it sound like a bad thing.

Not saying either party is flawless but the MSM does this everytime a repub gets in. So I wouldnt worry about any of this just yet

The fairest tax is a head tax. Everyone pays $10,000 and you keep the rest. The next fair level is everyone pays 20% on all income. The current system is if you make $30k you pay $4k in tax. If you make $300k you pay $120k in tax, not the linear $40k you’d expect.

The only tax I like is FICA, because it stops at just over $100k. It’s a truly regressive tax, meaning top earners get a tax break. Congress spends this money like it’s regular tax revenue, so low earners are getting double taxed and their employer is contributing too. This is done on the undeliverable promise of “social security”, that you’ll get the money back later. The problem is everyone born today is going to live over 100 years old. So the collection age is likely to creep up into your late 70s or early 80s. And who knows where the dollar will be.

Karma to west… Lots of good points!

Trump is using his banter and rhetoric as a tool for future negotiations… I’m sure will see some additional import tariffs especially on certain countries but what he really wants is for lower import tariffs from other countries on US produced goods… This should help create incremental jobs here among other benefits…

Give the guy a chance…

Americans are so polarized to politics today because they are desperate seeing their country go to shit. Each time the president claiming to be the country’s savior yet as the years go by the shit just gets more real worsening.


  1. Corruption - politicians today are narcissistic fucks only caring about themselves and how can they further their own interest. Trump as president creates conflict of interest x 1000000 times over. Openly appointing family to these offices…lol. This is taken directly from his website.

[quote]Brackets & Rates for Married-Joint filers:
Less than $75,000: 12%
More than $75,000 but less than $225,000: 25%
More than $225,000: 33%
*Brackets for single filers are ½ of these amounts
Under this new proposed plan ALL of trumps buddies, the rich (including himself and family) will receive a 7% tax cut compared to the current plan. AND all of the white collar professionals drs lawyers will get a 5% tax increase fucking the middle - upper middle class even more. Most all other brackets remain at the same tax rate. So his proposal is cutting taxes for 1% of the well off rich americans…

  1. Lazy fuck Americans sucking on the government’s teet which is all but dried up now. They expect their politician to save them while they continue to take free handouts and sit on their asses replicating because it pays.

  2. the “middle man” has to go. For example, total knee replacement surgery today is about $25,000. the surgeon only sees about 3-4k of that, which is still a huge amount given that 8 of them can be completed in a day. Where does all of the other fukin money go? Its disgusting.

  3. Waste. Another example, Airforce gets a budget dispersed amount of money for maintenance etc. Aircraft carrier was in good condition, but they had to use the money or they would lose it. So it was decided to repaint the top of the deck which was in pristine condition done 6 months prior that costed millions and used the money so it would not get taken away the next year.

Saki. using that type of leverage/threats and fuckme if it goes into effect America will for sure go into another depression. That type of policy is exactly what caused the 1st depression.

Forcing American’s to consume their own shitty boring ugly out dated products/cars is not the answer. However, if he implemented some sort of QA/QC with american brand which would naturally lead the consumer to the product because it was as reliable or more than the competitor Toyota/Lexus then I definitely agree with that.
Although I do agree that corporations that follow the globalization trend of manufacturing and outsourcing should not be able to bring that product back into the US and make huge margins.

10% for US cars vs 2% for EU cars is bullshit and should be equal and no more than 3-4% - agree with that as well.

All of the political system repubs, dems, liberals etc. are fucked. its needs to be totally cleaned out. Replaced with people that work for the people and truly care that have morals and ethics.

Is it ethical that the rich get a fat tax break and middle working class pay for it??? anyone answering yes to this is a fuktard

I kinda agree west, but the headtax should not be a set sum. it should be a set % to all. with exception that luxury goods like $400fuckinmillion yachts get fat 50% taxes on them. Nice cars maybe a small luxury tax, but luxury tax is proportional to the price and good. Whereas food and water should NOT be taxed.

I hope thats true Prime but if some retard with a big mouth across the world is threatening you would you comply or just tell him to fuck himself removing your business from there or increasing the tax?

The good news bigserve123 is that if your really worried and open minded about what your concerns are that you posted your actually a trump supporter. If your a never trumper then I cant really help as no matter how much common sense anyone puts out it will be just shut down. But if your open minded I have good news. So let me put it out there for you.

Some of the stuff you posted is a bit maybe off.

1 Other then his oldest daughters husband being an ADVISER not an actual government appointed position NONE of trumps family is even involved in government. NONE. I guess you can call his wife part of the government but that’s how it works.He has actually separate himself from his biz and created a bipartisan ethics team that reports back to the senate and congress that was set up by a firm picked by third party people. So he is seperate from his old biz and there is checks and balances there.

As for the tax thing. Again there is no tax plan yet and none implemented so there is no full detials on how things will work or build on until that happens I would put the brakes on getting too worked up. No sense on getting bent on details on something that doesn’t exist.

2 I agree too many worthless welfair people sucking on our money… The governemnt has no ability to make money as you know they take ours. How do you fix welfair. You stop people from flooding across the boarder and comming here from other countrys to get on welfair and then you create american jobs… and jobs are one of the top things on trumps plans.

3 again trump all the way. Getting things like health care costs under control were one of his big talking points. Getting health care abuse under control was another part of that.

4 wast this is vintage trump fix zone. Trump his entire working life has been coming in under budjet and under cost. He called and cancled the order for the new air force one because he said it was a rip off for tax payers. tump instructed his inaguration team to come in under budjet for todays event and they did. They gave back 20k to the tax payers.

All the points you seem worried about seem to be IMHO a big part of why trump go elected. Everyone else that ran on both sides repub or dem would have been more of the same spending and abuse. The one clear choice of no abuse would be an outsider business man that has been making great buniess deals that always seem to come in under budjet and on time.

Also the last thought. Trump stands to loose money being president not gain. He isnt taking the 400k pay he has stated he wants no pay and has agreed to a pay of 1 dollar. Hes worth billions… while other corrupt government people on both sides of the fence work to line there pockets maybe they will make tens of millions that is a drop in the bucket to trump with BiLLiONS.

IMHO he could have made his friends much richer had he stayed our of the POTUS position. Its cheaper to bribe people and make hundreds of millions of dollars then to work to make changes to make tens of millions. Every POTUS has had friends or close relationships with biz ties where people gained and make out. In some cases it might be hard to not have that happen to some dagree. But TRUMP is not little league he is the big league. There are so many and have been so many people critical of trump for so long. I dont think he would put himself in this position to try and help his friends make tens of millions when he could have just kept doing what he was and helped them make hundreds of millions.

Did the founders own any land and have conflicts of interest? Just as Hillary isn’t in jail because her intent was not to leak classified info, Trump can’t be impeached for conflicts of interest because his intent is not to profit off of his work. In July he sold all of the liquid securities and assets he has. Property and other private ownership in LLC’s bearing his name and brand are never liquid.

I think my taxes come up as a wash in terms of brackets, but the wild card is deductions and AMT and medicare breaks.

Justincredible really has some good points. Karma+

you guys only know him as a crack smoker, but Toronto mayor Rob Ford was the only politician I ever heard who tried to stop the wasting of money.

For example every city councillor in Toronto gets an office budget (paper, mail etc) of about $70,000 a year. Ford would routinely submit expenses of $0 to $5 each year. The other dozens of councillors? they would use the whole whack for the most part, coming in just under budget in the $60,000+ range. What’d they spend it on? Mostly bullshit and on mailers to their constituents which is basically name recognition assurance so they can get elected. Like campaigning during their term.

We live in Toronto. The city council liberals wanted to build a bicycle storage and shower area in teh underground at city hall. Something big, to allow torontonians to ride their bike to work, park their bike there downtown, and then shower and go to work. Most of council voted for it. Well, when you realize the budget was $3 million and they ended up spending $4 million you have to question what the fuck is going on. I also mentioned this is in Toronto…where it’s fucking snowy and icy 6 months of the year, and (almost) NOBODY rides their bike lol. The showers are basically unused as is the bike storage. Massive waste.

Well hearing that you understand why Rob Ford voted against it. The liberal newspaper, Toronto Star, vilified him for that vote, saying he hates the environment and hates cyclists. Reality is he hates wasting taxpayer money. It was just a classic example of politicians spending like crazy because they have no concept of what it takes to get that money, nor do they respect it.

It’s a shame about his addictions. His brother Doug is like a non-addicted Rob . Would love to see him run for provincial or federal politics. I think he’s done with it though.

I really like your optimism and positive outlook justin! And I seriously hope you’re so very right and im so wrong.

i’m a supporter of the honest, ethical, and moral politician…therefore I don’t support anyone in Washington including Trump Clintons Bernie OMbama Bushes etc. all fukin corrupt clowns.

  1. Ivanka , and her husband are hugely involved, which is fine if they are honest ethical and moral…lol he wants to create the image that there will be no conflict of interest setting up his “bipartisan ethics team” Just look at his actions…I am amazed by how trusting so many Americans are when politicians lie believing them, yet they turn around and fuck them, but come back and lie some more and its.

The tax plan proposal came directly from his website, but you don’t think that is credible? Trump is just a figure piece, he did not create that plan; it was the clown he hired.

  1. That welfare gravy train goes much deeper than what you mentioned. If only everyone had your outlook, motivation, and work ethic. But the sad truth is that they dont. Why work when you can collect checks for as much or more than you could get from working and sit on your ass all day? Unemployment rate was ONLY 5% yet 35% of Americans on welfare…americans are turning into lazy fat fucks. If welfare was cut back drastically to only support the basic needs of food, shelter, cheap clothes then that may spark the interest of some to get off their asses. The amount of money and number of people on welfare needs to be CUT.

  2. Did you not hear what Trump’s dept of health tom price said? Basically stated people should be allowed to choose their own healthcare/plan and he is putting it back in the hands of the people. That was his “fix” ROFLMAO.

  3. Agreed so far…

Trump not taking a salary of 400k is like toilet paper to him, realistically about $10 to him and $0.001 toward the national debt. So out in the open he looks like the knight in shining armor by not taking that presidential salary, but making deals behind closed doors will profit him some more billions in the next 4-8 years.

As president he has the money, friends with money, power, and now executive power to further enhance his power —> PROFIT billions more.

Based on his history, actions in the past you cant trust this fuck anymore than any other politician. But out of the 3 top candidates he was our only pick. Either of the two dem picks would have fucked the US even harder.

So what you’re saying is Toronto needs a sober Rob Ford.

Why cant there be one decent politician?

i have no idea lol. It’s a great question.

Bigserve I try to take a different approach on politics. A wait and watch before I let the MSM get me all up set. Remember most of the mindless fools that marched on washington to protest trump didnt even know why they were there and a big part of there anti trump points were MSM BS talking points that were not even right.

If you will let me. Here are a few things I will point out that might help give you different perspective.

MSM and politics are tied in and they all are potentially dishonest or twist the truth to drive there adjenda. The toronto bike shower story sakimano shared is vintage MSM propaganda that we see in the us were we the tax payer looses baised on attacks.

You said you were a supporter of honest ethical politicians. You called bush clintion and obama corrupt clowns. That is fair to say they are carrier political figures… But you somehow lumped trump in there. Trump has been in office for less then a week and you already have him tagged as a corrupt clown… To me that says you already have your mind made up before he even gets going. If he had a history of corrupt politics I would be right there with you with a torch saying take him down but trump hasnt even had time to let the paint dry in his office yet. So to me it is too eairly to start calling him corrupt and your not going to be able to be trully objective as your already made up your mind before things have happened.

You said your amazed how trusting people are when it came to him seperating his biz. Trump had a public Q and A and information about how this went down and the details of this. It included some of the dems that were part of the vetting. It was as transparent as it could have been. They outlined the seperation as best could be outlined. To me it looked about as solid as it could be given how vast a fortune he has.

The one thing we dont have to worry about is there being a lack of people being not critical of trump and his actions. There was a short list of both dems and repubs that were ok with how the separation was handled.

The tax plan shows each tax bracket paying less in over all taxes. As for the tax brakes again the general plan laid out shows a reduction in taxes per brakes per bracket. Tax brakes is something that the repubs favor as its a good give me vote platform for all working class. This is vintage repub platform staples…just like handing out more welfare checks is the dems calling card. So I would wait and see what the end product is as this is the repubs chance to help bolster not just a better economy but help gain more supports and votes by those positively effected

Dont get me started on welfare Ive had enough of paying for drug addicts to sit out and do drugs while getting health care a phone section 8 housing ebt the list goes on. I go to work and have to leave my kids who miss me while the resident drug addicts go get more weed to smoke while there kids just run wild in the neighborhood un attended… But again here is trump that is looking to pass drug testing manditory for all welfare users. I still dont under stand how mandatory drug testing for free money isnt already a thing. But also trump is proposeing also single language english only in all government websites and programs. Im not a fan of welfare abuse. I think there are people that need it and they should get it but these fucking dead weight people need to go.

As for the health care they are taking and giving it back to the private sector where it started just like car insurance. The entire idea was to get government out of insurance and get it back into the private sector. Giving people more choice… If your general feel that most of the corruption comes from government wouldnt it be better to take government out of insurance… Again this is something like the tax plan. Its a wait and see. Its hard to get people off the government tit now that the dems have me and you paying for health insurance for every welfare and illegal in this country…

Again trump not taking money is just a part of him trying to prove a point. To think that he got in government to make more money is a hard line to believe in. He stands to loose more money than make. There is no shortage of people looking to dig into everything trump and his family do. So any move he makes will be hyper analized. He is worth billions of dollars and can make more money staying out of government not getting in it. Other corrupt politicions take bribes and maybe get tens of millions if they are really good they get hundreds of millions… Trump litterly has hundereds of hundreds of millions… He is a billionare… .he dosent need this agravation.

My last point here. When you look at trump he is everything the government and the MSM were worried about. A true outsider a bullish forceful billionare that needed no bribe money to get in office. When I saw the bushes not endorce trump along with other top repub top leaders I knew he was the real deal. When you have life long repubs saying they support hillary over trump that just told me everything I needed to know. That told me just how rigged the system is and that they were all basically the same. The system was rigged and the MSM was and is a big part of it. Trump like him or not is a big FUCK you to all the snow flake loosers welfare bleeding heart libtard MSM political monsters.

like him or not he seems to be breaking the mold and pissing off every establishment control type along the way and hes going to do it on twitter without a care for how anyone likes it our not. Trump is representing those that support him to the fullest. IMHO if you didnt vote for him he dosnt care about your march or option. Hes going to town and to work for the people that voted for him on the topics that he got voted in on. No pussy stepping around to try and make everyone happy.