Welcome, be sure to introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Ape!
Lots of new members coming in and I wanted to say welcome to everyone. I hope you find AudiRevolution a great resource as well as a place to share your own journey and experiences with your A5, S5 or RS5.

I will try to keep this sub forum a positive, upbeat place and will be an active participant myself. I will, of course, be available for private messages on various platforms if you feel the need to reach out. I will make every attempt to accommodate when I can as I’m not a fan of draconian moderation.

Please know I’ve been involved in various online forums since the day they existed and I’m well versed in the social interactions that can occur. It’s ok to have a divergent opinion, just be prepared to back it up with facts. It’s ok to be mistaken and heck, I’ve been mistaken more than a few times. I am, ultimately, an enthusiast just like you and still learning. So don’t be shy! If you heard it on the internet, say so! No shame in that and we can only whittle down to the facts through amicable discourse.

In the end, a great forum is all about its members and the stories/information they share. It has to be useful, easily searchable, supportive and ultimately make it easier to be an enthusiast without pitfalls.

If you’re relatively new to the forum community or have been a lurker on other sites, start an introduction/build thread and share a bit of information about your car and your story. If you have a build thread on another site, I’d suggest going in and “editing” that thread which’ll allow you to copy/paste the content and then post it here easily without much effort. I will be doing this myself.

Thanks for joining and I hope to read your story here on AudiRevolution.
-Ape (Michel)


Wow. A wealth of information! Jack pot!!
BTW I’m Yoda1 on Audizine and Vance Mo on Facebook. 2013 ibis white RS5 fun weekend car with aftermarket wheels and non-res AWE DPs. Stock otherwise.
It might take a bit but should get solid momentum in here as more people seek this information and look for help.
Michel thanks for setting this up!

Most welcome Vance and glad you’re here!

Thoughtful thread, Michel! I, too, would like to see this particular forum more active. Keeping AudiRevolution as a place for sharing knowledge and advancing the B8 A5/S5/RS5 platform will be great.

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Hi all, Adam from Australia.

Have just upgraded from a nice S3 to an immaculate 2014 RS5 which I will be picking up on Wednesday (fires willing as it is 8 hours drive away).

Looking forward to reading the technical articles as I intend this car to be a keeper. I chose the RS5 B8.5 over the newer B9 as whilst the new B9 RS5 is a quicker car, it does not sound as good and the older car still has enough power to go around.

I do believe that these V8 engined cars will become increasingly sought after in the future.

Welcome and congrats! I’m a visual journalist by day and I’ve been editing all the photos coming out of Australia. Very sad what’s happening there.

On the power, there are things you can do now to equalize the acceleration vs. a completely stock B9 RS5 and we should have some new “weapons” which’ll increase the car’s hp to the point where it’ll be running 10’s in the 1/4. Had a run-in with a B9 two nights ago but he didn’t bite. I just rocketed away. Was a bit disappointed as I wanted to see if he could keep up (or pass me) from a roll.

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Hello! I am new to this forum apparently but I’ve been active in other Audi focused communities. I currently drive a 2010 Audi S5 V8 Prestige. I’ve done a galore of modifications in both the cosmetics and performance department. I’ve had lots of trial and errors and lots of things I changed because of going in a different direction. My S5 V8 is currently Supercharged with Vortech V3 Si running a smaller pulley and custom tuned with a slight increase in RPM from 7000 to 7200 revs. To keep it all cool I recently purchased a Merc Racing 4 pass dual core HX in a divorce setup. Moreover, for additional cooling I run AEM methanol injection setup and went a little overboard and bought Devils own Direct Port injection system that will evenly distribute meth to all cylinders. I my tune doesn’t rely on meth just for a failsafe. As for fueling I do have a boost a pump installed because what’s more air without proper fuel as I’d run lean. I also facelifted my car and been through 4 front bumpers and 3 rear bumpers because couldn’t settle on a look. The photo below is before it was supercharged and without hood mods. I also changed the front and rear bumper again

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Sweet ride and like that new cross bar!

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Thanks for providing it to me. It is very high quality and I really don’t know why it hasn’t been available sooner. Nothing but smiles as its discrete behind the honey comb grill and and not blocking off as much air flow as the oem bar.

Hi there my name is Steve I’m from the U.K I’m know on another Audi forum as Steve RS4 and that’s now the same on here ! I own a Rs4 b8 but follow the Rs5 forums as here in the U.K people are not doing a lot with there RS4’s as they are boring :joy: My car has many mods kw v1coilovers with drc, CR15 brace, H&R ARB’s, braided brake hoses with Motul Dot 5.1, EBC yellow stuff pad’s, Trans mount insert, Powerflex rear diff mounts, BMC air filters, Miltek exhaust non res, JHM stage 2 ECU/TCU tune and the RMR trans cooler ! Ive always been into car’s and bikes all my life and love the speed the faster the better haha !!

Hi, my name is Ape and I’m a modaholic. Welcome to modaholics anonymous Steve!

Fixed it for you.

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Thank you buddy :+1: I’m not the best at doing things like that :confused: I’d be lost without you !! :grin:

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but that “B8” is only going to more sought after as the years pass. A supercharged S5 V8 with a B8.5 facelift is a slick sleeper. Welcome to AR!

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Yes, I really love this car as its a keeper.

Do you know the amount of people that would kill in the US to have that RS4?

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Less now that the RS6 is here but still…I’d consider an RS4 as a second car, LOL. Or an RS5 sportback with the V8 instead of the V6T.

Edit: I take that back…I want the full wagon!


I’m still highly upset and pissed that Audi didn’t bring over the C6 RS6 V10TT… like just flat out disappointed man lol. 700+ HP with just a tune and minor bolt ons. :heart_eyes:

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You would not regret the full wagon it ace to use as an everyday car and then drop the family off and tear up some roads flat out its the best of both world’s i love it :grin:
I bet people in the U.S would love the RS4 its a shame it never made it out there and dont hate me but a few years back i owned a C6 RS6 V10 with 740bhp and over a 1050lbft it was a BEAST !!! That was just a ECU/TCU tune and a straight through exhaust all silencers deleted nice and LOUD :sunglasses:

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Mf’er! Do you have any videos?!