What is this MMI Hack?

I don’t want to hijack this awesome thread, but someone tell me what it takes to get a mobile screen AND mobile VCDS on the MMI display. Is this a new-to-me MMI/infotainment hack?

Interested too

My guess is it is with carplay so you reflect your mobile screen on the mmi?

The factory display was replaced with an Android touchscreen.

That was an old picture. I upgraded it about a year ago to this one

How is the integration with the cars settings, TV, hvac and heated seats?

It comes with a MOST module so there is seamless integration between the factory and Android portions. The smaller one I used to have used an FM transmitter to broadcast the MMI image to the screen so it always looked somewhat “funky”

Here are a few pics I took recently:

I bought it originally because I was not happy with the now outdated nav system in the vehicle. Now I can run any Android nav app I want.

I purchased it from this place about a year ago and have not had any issues with it so far. It is running Android 8.1.
You will need to scroll down on the site a ways to find the relevant info.


I see there are newer ones now (offered by other companies) that take the same size 10.25” touchscreen and integrate it right into the dash panel so that it looks even more factory.

wow this is a game changer for sure, thanks again for sharing.
Question about the VCDS mobile, do you still need an external OBD2 cable going to the USB port of the screen to run scans etc…or do you have it hard wired to the car computer?

I am using a VCDS Hexnet in AP mode.

Ordered this last week, after getting the confirmation I haven’t heard anything back from them so I’m hoping it ships out soon. Does it come with installation instructions? Is it just the air vents and middle part of the dash that need to be removed?

They emailed me a DHL tracking number one week after I placed the order. I received the product two days later.

The instructions are emailed to you.

Here is a shot showing the degree of disassembly required.

About what I expected, how bad was the air vents removal, I heard that’s really the only hard part of this whole thing.

This is definitely a game changer. If I knew I was going to keep the car another 3 years, this is all I need to make it feel modern and fresh. But first, oil leak…

It was not too bad to take out the center vents.

A couple of pulling tools and a few small flat bladed screwdrivers make short work of it.

A trim removal wedge is also handy to have for popping the clips on the left hand side by the ignition key hole. I could not locate mine for the above picture.