Wheels & Tires Thread

Wanted to start a thread for tire discussion/review. First post I’ll add some thoughts on my new Nokian Hakkas in the near future, but first I wanted to ask for input on summer tires.

Currently I’m shopping around for some 235/45/17 or 245/40/17 tires for my SSRs for my Golf R. Was going to go with Hankook V12s, but started checking out other options on tirerack and figured it’d be wise to ask first before buying.

Current options being considered

HankookVentus V12 evo2

Continental ExtremeContact DW

So anyone got recommendations on summer tires? Hoping to keep the price under $600. I do some vigorous hooning, but no competitive driving at the moment besides the drag strip.

Both sizes look good on fitment, gonna dry mount the wheels to see if I have the room for the 245s as that’d be preferable (love the square sidewall)



Hey Beem,

I think your best choice for the price you are looking at is the Conti DWs, but if you fork out $80 more these Michilin pSS are amazing! Best tire i have had thus far


I have had really good experiences with Kumho Tires. My buddy works for them and he got me a few sets on my B6 A4 which made me love them. I have run the XS, LE Sport, SPT, and the 4X as winter tires(they are techincally A/S)

The XS is their street/auto cross tire


For a higher tread wear but good summer tire, the LE Sport is good. And much cheaper


Kumho is just my personal preference since I have run so many sets with good luck.

My vote goes to PSS’s as well. Loved them on my RS4.

PSS summer. No brainer.

Nokian Hakka winter. No brainer.

Another plug for the PSS.

I wanted them for my car but it was on three month back order last summer…

Another for PSS. Abosuletly amazing tire.

The PSS love is strong… and tirerack has them on sale. Appreciate the advice guys, thats looking like my route. Best of all, its still in my price range (<$600) for the 235/45. Always a plus being an hour away from the distribution center too.

beem - I’ve had really good experiences with Discount Tire as well. Not sure if they are out east, but may be worth checking out just for price comparison. Their customer service has been excellent

Damn you 17" wheels. Tires are so much more reasonable. Another option to check/research would be bstone pole position s04’s. Heavier but lots of beefy sidewall material.

That and they also have a 30k pro-rated mileage warranty. If you buy from Discount Tire Direct, they don’t require that you send the tires back to them if you claim warranty. Tirerack does. Due to the roads around me, I’ve never really been able to get more than 15k out of any set of tires. That being said, with 4k on the PSS, my fronts are at 8/32nds and rears at 9/32nds so it’s on track to exceed 15k in total mileage. I have no noise issues with the PSS and they ride better than the factory Toyos on the TTRS.

I’ve had the DWs before as well as the original V12 evo . . . there is no comparison. I felt those two tires lacked when even comparing to the Bridgestone RE760 I used to run. Noise-wise, the DWs were noisier than the V12 and the PSS. The V12s just liked to break traction easily and squeal under cornering.

My next tire will either be another set of PSS or I may go the cheaper tire route and run a set of Sumitomo HTRZ3s as I’ve had good experiences with those in the past.


I went cheap route on 265/40 18 on allroad. Sumitomo’s. My c4 had them and I was impressed for price so figured why not. Tires are relatively expensive in that size.

so I tried mounting my SSRs on the Golf, not quite fitting with the RS3s lol





haha :smiley:

Nothing a little fender pull won’t cure ;D

sick stance brah

So are you going with 2" lift kit of more? ;D

For the Canadians, is $1300 CAD all in (shipping, taxes and duties included) a decent price for a set of PSS 245/40/19? Or have you seen better prices going locally in the GTA?

I believe Simply is within ~$50 including the mounting, balancing, install and Ontario disposal fees.

Got my lug nuts in yesterday and getting the PSS’s mounted today. Should have the SSRs properly mounted this weekend