Why is there no love for the A7 in here?

Everyone seems to overlook the A7. Why? Am I missing something? I really like them. Obviously, I would prefer an S7 or RS7, but one of those just isn’t in the cards for me.

Personally I think the model is ugly and the premium they charge over the A6/S6/RS6 isn’t justified… I just can’t deal with the sloped back, otherwise I’d be driving a RS7. Fucking wish Audi would bring the RS6.

My words exactly

I see the RS7 from time to time and really like it. But when you get near the rear…it needs work.

Same goes for the panamera. I always figure it would be a great car to own. PT. They’re fast, incredible inside, fun, and from dead on the rear, or dead on teh front, or barely offcentre from the front, looks good. But the side view…yikes.

While the Panamera is ok from a couple angles, the RS7 is stunning from front. Just awesome. Still, the bum.

For that matter S7 would be another great option.

I agree. I dont think the car and its styling is enough to get too many guys like us excited. The RS7 is still kinda ugly but for how fast it is its a little eaiser to over took the rest of the car for how fast it is

I like the s7 and rs7 from most angles, but I agree the side profile is goofy. I also felt much more cramped in the 7 vs. The c7 s6. Heck even the rs5 seemed to have more headroom.

I also really like the panamera, it is quite the pleasure to drive, and handles much better than you would think, but the side profile is even worse than the 7. Although the 2014 refresh makes it a little more appetizing. Even with styling pitfalls I would gladly drive a red 14 panny gts :slight_smile:

Isn’t 14 the 6 cylinder?

Starting in 2014 the Panamera s and 4s received the 6 cyl turbo producing 420 hp, but the GTS still retains the lovely sounding NA 4.8L v8 making 440 hp.


A7 is a really nice ride, just like the A6 is.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - this beholder thinks the A7 is gorgeous.

Having recently purchased a CPO S6, when I brought it home my kids said " BUT WHY DIDN’T YOU GET AN S7?!?!! THEY LOOK SO COOL!!" I explained to them that for my budget, I’d have had to buy an A7, not an S7, and I wasn’t willing to give up all that performance for the looks. Not sure they agree, but hey, it’s MY car!

I agree that the upcharge for the 7 body style is a bit steep, but it’s still less expensive overall than its competitors, which are mostly the BMW 6GC and the MB CLS…

I love the 7’s. BUT i do agree that the premium over the 6 is a bit much.

By the time I get around to buying one, that premium should have mostly disappeared. I’ll buy one in a few years that is gently used (non-cpo most likely).

ah there you go, that’s right

funny, a friend was looking at a hybrid Cayenne for his wife and was surprised to find it had the same engine as his B8 S4

I personally like the A/S/RS7 body styling because it’s unique and looks beautiful. The rear curve does make it look a little different from the side but not too much to make it unrecognizable for being an Audi. To me, it’s like the rich executive’s sedan for NA.

If we’re talking about the ugliest body style on current Audis, then I would bet my money on the TT/S/RS all day. They seem like a variant of the VW Beetle to me…

I have had my S7 for about three weeks. I looked hard for a car equipped as I desired - most are over-equipped. Mine has the sports and driver assistance packages. Everything I wanted; nothing I did not. It was amazing how many cars were equipped with the cold-weather package. In Southern California?? C’mon!! What we need is the warm weather package. My treasured 08 S6 had it. I gave it, and a 2015 S5 6mt for the S7. And, so far so good. I would like to chip but fear the warranty impact.



Looks great, how does it compare to the s5 and s6?

The big black S6 was a wonderful, unique car, but only Audi enthusiasts recognized it for what it was. Great exhaust note. I loved the car, hated the transmission. It had the 6-speed ZF with the notorious rough 2-1 shifts. That, and a very touchy accelerator pedal, made it unpleasant to drive below 10 mph, as in heavy traffic. Above 10 mph, is was a dream! Fantastic car for a long, fast trip across the desert. Sold it at 52k miles.

The silver S5 was really a fun little car. 6 mt, adaptive suspension and sport differential, rpm matching and a great exhaust crackle made the back roads a joy. But it was a small car, hard (for me) to enter and exit and I felt a bit claustrophobic in it. No gravitas. Sold at 7k miles.

The S7, so far, is great. Nice size, elegant and fast. I like the HUD. I think faster than the S6. Great transmission. Otherwise very similar to the S6. I have had the display modified to include what gear the transmission is in. (D1-7 & S1-7). Boost gauge is next, probably a chip but I am concerned about the impact of a chip on the warranty.

Congrats - S7s are sweet, and MUCH quicker and faster than the C6 S6 - like nearly 2 seconds quicker and 15 mph faster in the 1/4 mile…


I bought the wife an A7 yesterday to replace the Q7. It’s a CPO 2014 Prestige with 39.6k miles. She’ll be driving this one for a while until I eventually inherit it and mod the hell out of it.



Those cars are starting to grow on me. The back end look is very one to audi.

The 3.0T is a very strong platform.

Congrats - great choice!