Golf Thread

Decided to start a general golf thread since it appears that a good number of AR guys are fans of the sport.

From the Masters thread:

Sak - these are all good points. Hasn’t it been interesting, though, to see the number of old guys competing in the majors recently? E.g., Norman and Watson at the British, Freddy and Kenny Perry a few times at the Masters (I think I’m missing a few more here). I still get depressed thinking about Watson losing a few years ago. He hit a damn near perfect second shot into the 18th only to have the ball jump like it did past the green. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the next batch of Champions Tour guys win a major or two.

Regarding Tiger burning out, I do think a little context is in order. Since the 2005 Masters, he has won 35 tournaments (!!), including 5 majors. (He also won the British in 2005 by 5 strokes.) That’s almost half of his career victories during a time when he was sidelined for at least 18 months due to injury, and then another 4-5 months after his sex scandal.

It’s really astonishing when you think about it. After the debacle of 2010-2011, he has managed to climb back atop the world and Fedex cup rankings despite injury, divorce, public scorn and humiliation, and another major swing revision.

It’s just like you said - Tiger is incredible even when he chokes!

Absolutely however don’t forget Sam Snead, Ben hogan, Walter hagen etc all competed very late in their lives in big events… However they all met the same fate. Late collapse.

Watson hit the wrong club into 18. Simple mental error. Then hit a mediocre chip and a poor putt. 3 bad errors when the tournament was on the line, all related to nerves. Think back 30 years and Watson chips in from an impossible spot on 17 to lock up a win at pebble in the 82 us open. Very different.

Norman too… Late collapse. Same with perry… He threw the masters away.

Its neat though seeing these guys. Nobody wanted Stewart cink to win. I think that is reflected in cink’s game today.

Re tiger winning so much since 2005 have a look at the majors. He had what… 10 majors to that point I’m in his first 8-9 years on tour? Since then he has won 4…all of which came in the next 3 years to June 08. He has won zero of the last 19. Yes he has bee. Through a lot there, but as you mention, he is racking up wins. But he is not winning the big pressure events. For him that is the majors.

He has 7 wins in 13 months here.

P.s. Nobody will believe this but in 2009 I sent an email to four friends and said ‘prediction… Within 12 months tiger will fire Steve Williams and hank Haney… And his next coach will be Sean Foley’ . They thought I was nuts re Foley. Having spent a lot of time on the range while Sean worked with the Canadian junior elite golf program he just seemed to have a style that would appeal to tiger. Foley is like a zen Buddhist. Tiger needed some big time mental help at the time because as I said that edge was fading. He blew the pga to ye yang lol. I loved Foley’s approach to the mental game. A few years ago in a cpga teaching seminar he was asked what his goals were and he said something to the effect of’ I want to have 3 clients n the top 10 in the world golf rankings’. Everyone laughed at him.

A few short years later he looks after Hunter Mahan, Justin Rose and Tiger Woods.

That’s a shame because he’s one of those real human being Tour players. Very likable guy.

So true. He won fair and square, but man was it hard for me (and probably the large majority of golf fans everywhere) to see him hoist that trophy in the end.

I believe the 2005 Masters was his 9th, then the British the same year (by 5 strokes), and then 4 more after that. Here’s the real question: what would be the more significant record - his sure bet to be the all-time leader in career professional victories? or his possible surpassing of Jack’s 18 major wins? I agree with Johnny Miller (shocking, I know) that his total victory mark (major and non-major wins) will be more impressive when all is said and done.

And hey, you never know. Golf is a crazy game. If there was one player most likely to dominate the majors over the next 5-7 years, would you really bet against it being anyone other than Tiger? I say 60-40 chance he beats Jack.

I believe you lol! That’s crazy, though. One, for actually predicting it (no one in the golf world saw it coming), and two, for meeting Sean Foley! Did I read that correctly?

If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend reading Haney’s book on Tiger, “The Big Miss.” It gives some great insight on Tiger as a person and as a player. I really respect Haney, but perhaps I’m a bit biased since he’s a Chicagoland native.

Now what’s this about you playing 70 rounds in the summer? I need to find a new line of work . . . :smiley:

Is he really? Always seemed kinda stale to me. Never really that personable when I’ve seen him in person. And I don’t like his swing. I’m sure he’s a great guy, I just don’t see him being any fan-favorite.

well…yeah he is on the stale side. I guess Steve Stricker is more the everyman likable guy out there.

Golf is very mental but you would think the older players would have a better handle on nerves and pressure. No?

It’s that agressive edge that cost sergio his lead recently.

Players actually lose their handle on nerves and pressure as they get older. It’s unfortunate but that’s reality. The interesting question from my perspective is whether the next generation of Champions Tour guys can break that streak. Phil might be the one to do it.

Regarding Sergio, he has choked plenty of times before. This is actually more par for the course for him - that he won the Players in 2008 was more of the exception. And I don’t think his self-created drama with Tiger helped him down the stretch - regardless of whether his issue was legitimate.

What’s the deal with Rory lately? 78 today - nearly dead last.

He’s always like this. Very up and down. Then he gets into a groove and kills it for a wihle.

I don’t think he practices. I think he’s a bit of a slacker.

In other news, memorial is the greatest. Love Muirfield Village, love the field. The feature group on TV couldn’t be any better…Tiger, Couples, Bradley.

That tennis chick may be distracting him a bit. He’s extremely talented, though, so I don’t expect his slump to drag on much longer.

I love this tournament as well. Wish I could watch - work has been killer lately. You’ve got that TV in your office, right? Jealous!

Just watched the recap. Looks like Tiger’s putter was the problem today. He’ll be in the mix on Sunday.

That said, GO FREDDY!!

Did anyone see the Masters par 3? I forget who interviewed but Rory and the tennis chick were asked about it being Rory’s birthday and she basically rhymed off a tasteless, classless, very anti-Masters, sexual innuendo loaded reply. I was like…gee Rory you sure can pick them

haha easy Flanders

She’s alright. Both of them have been very hit or miss with their sport since they met. I think they are both slackers at heart ,who are immensely talented.

Rory seems to just look terrible, then he wakes up, works hard on his game, and comes out and dominates for a stretch. Then he goes back into hibernation.

Hahahahahaha - that’s hilarious.

Rory is so damn talented he’ll probably win another major this year. Scary to think how dominant he could be if he was consistent every week.

I’m really liking my Adidas Crossflex golf shoes. PIcked up a couple pairs this week. Very comfortable, very waterproof and CRAZY light.

I bought a pair of Adizero Tour which are SHOCKINGLY light, but I just couldn’t embrace the look of them and returned them.

Here’s the Crossflex color combos I bought.$T2eC16N,!wsE9suw)kFCBRQ7usCeFw~~60_35.JPG

I’m looking for my size in this one next

Here are the Adizero Tours that I returned. I love the shoe and its characteristics of being comfortable and light etc…but I wasn’t sold on the look of them. Then my wife asked my if I was taking up bowling and that was that lol

^^ or an overpaid premiership footballer

^^^I haven’t played footy for about 15 years, but when I did, I used Adidas Copa Mondial. Forever.

I was in the Adidas shop recently and they still sell them. I was shocked. Then I picked up the shoe that Messi wears. Holy mother fuck…this thing weighed probably 1/10th of what the Copas weighed. It was insane. Apparently they weigh something like 190 grams. That’s 7 ounces.

That’s staggering

Do you have the hats to match? Rickie Fowler…

I’ve been looking for a new pair of shoes, I’m gonna have to go try a pair of these on.

Your wife’s comment cracks me up, sounds like my wife being a wise ass when I talk about cars.

I hate Rickie Fowler. He ruined Puma. I used to wear Puma golf shoes but they’re old and busted now. The new ones are hideous. He’s a weird little flatbiller douchebag and is on the nerdy god squad on tour. Not really good for the brand I don’t think. The people who he appeals to in general don’t golf. They ride motoX.

Puma shoes were awesome when J Lindeberg was designing them for Puma. Now they suck dick. They’re all big and bulky and look like basketball shoes.

That’s why I’ve made the jump to Adidas after literally my last 10 pairs being Puma.

I should explain that I wear out my golf shoes in about 2 years, and I practice and play a lot so I need 3 pairs on the go at all times. Most people need only 1 pair of shoes.

and yes, hat shoes and belt should match lol