HPFP leak at the fuel pressure regulator valve

What do you guys think about this leak? I believe this is the “Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve ( N276 )” on the HPFP. I see signs of a leak, but no engine codes.

Can it be rebuilt or replace?

I would say that doesn’t look active so that might be old. Its always hard to tell but I would clean and then inspect in a few days to see if its actually active or something that might have happened when doing maintenance

I cleaned the area with a rag. While doing so, I could smell a faint whiff of fuel on the rag coming from the bend next to the electrical connector. But after a bit of driving everything is still clean and nothing smells of fuel. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Yeah. You might not see any more fuel but it isn’t to say there isn’t a vapor leak or something along that lines so to speak. The good thing is it’s not actively leaving fuel.

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I have this same leak while i’m sure it wasn’t there before…
One pump has leaked on the block the other one is wet but the it hasn’t leaked on the block yet.
Is there a seal that can be replaced or is the only option to replace the pumps entirely?

It’s been a couple tanks of gas since I cleaned the HPFPs, I still have not detected any new signs of leakage. I’m gonna keep an eye on it, but maybe it was from an old service call?

Mine becomes wet even after a short drive so I have to order new pumps I guess…

Depends on where the leak is from. Where is it leaking at.

It gets wet everywhere but it seems to come from the connection between pump and power supply…
I’ll take a picture…

What did you do with your HPFPs?

I’ve still been monitoring mine, and now have pause for concern. While there are still no overt signs of a fuel leak, I can now detect a whiff of fuel when wiping clean the end by the electrical connector.

Is this a normal behavior, or a sign of old age and impending failure? Cause those hpfps are not cheap.

I’ve bought 2 new ones send to me for 782€…
I’ve replaced them all together with a carbon clean and jhm spacers installed…

Just had this leak finally appear on my car. Is there any way to reseal this valve, is there an o ring that could have went bad or any way to save the hpfp I think just the fuel regulator valve is the issue. It has some fuel seeping out once there is pressure In the system

So I ordered a new fuel pump but it hasn’t arrived yet. However, I did use a pair of zip ties to lock the electrical connector to the fuel pump—the lock tab was sheared off.

Crazy enough, the HPFP is now absolutely dry. Any ideas?

Mine is actually leaking from here actively so I’m not sure about your situayiom5

Yeah. Mine was leaking from the center/button.

So I believe its just the pressure regulator valve that is bad on my car. The plastic that is dark green brown color has a crack on it. Is there any way you can remove that valve and replace just that? If so is there any part numbers that would work?

Have a look here… more of an indirect answer though :wink:


my idea is that now tightened it that you sealed the connection and you’re leaking petrol inside the wiring harness…
I’ve not yet seen it with these cars but i’ve seen it happening with oil in some renault cars.

Got the new hpfp in the mail today. And could hear the mailman throw the package on my porch from the other room so I got worried about that. Opened it up and seen the biggest disappointment of my week. The fuel regulator electrical connector had the exact same crack across it as my other one. So looks like its time to make a phone call and get another one sent to me. Hopefully they will overnight this one since the new one is already broken.

I have another question at hand. The 5.2fsi hpfp PN 07L127026AD and 3.2 fsi hpfp PN 06E127025AB i believe both share the exact same n276 valve which is what has been failing on the HPFP i believe. There is no way of buying just the n276 valve from ANYWHERE. However, hitachi made the same hpfp PN 06E127025AB for wayyy cheaper with the same n276 valve. I almost want to buy the hitachi one and just replace the valve for $180 instead of spending $550 on a new hpfp. Thoughts? Am I completely insane or just a little?