REVOLUTIONARY RESULTS - Dragstrip database update notification thread

This thread will serve as a ‘notifier’ of new additions to the quarter mile database. As I have mentioned on a couple of the forums, the site owner has created a really cool database that is searchable/sortable and will have ALL relevant Audi quarter mile times added to it for the various platforms. Subscribe to this thread (notify button) and you can then have an instant email update everytime something gets added to the list.

As I have mentioned on a couple of the forums, the site owner has created a really cool database that is searchable/sortable and will have ALL relevant Audi quarter mile times added to it for the various platforms.

Some things to note for times to be included on the list:

no timeslip = no time
non-certified dragstrips will also not be added. Basically only results from a proper dragstrip with standardized/certified timing systems will be included. Examples of runs that will not be included:

  1. pbox quarter mile times - should be self explanatory
  2. temporary airstrip type dragstrip event times - there are lots of these in Europe as they unfortunately don’t have many proper dragstrips. Including them is tough because they often calculate trap speed differently and rely on GPS or radar gun devices etc. That’s not really fair to compare to times that were run on a certified track with controls etc. on the timing and track setup. i.e. someone who goes to say Santa Pod in England, an IHRA certified track with full on 60’, 330’, 1/8, 1/8mph, 1000’, 1/4 and 1/4 mph timeslips.

It would also be preferred if someone could post video of a significant time, as well as two of their timeslips from the track. A photo of the car at the strip with the grease paint numbers on the window would also help validation. Not that anyone here is going to pull any fast ones, but we can’t forget that people like kevkev etc. are out there, so we have to be dilligent in protecting the integrity of this list.

When you post up your times either here, or in your respective platform’s subforum, remember to include as much info about the run as possible i.e.:
octane of the fuel you used
power adder on your car (if stock, say so i.e. B5 S4 K03 or B8 S4 TVSr1320…and if you’re a B5 with K04/RS6 hybrids, make note. If you’re an NA car with a supercharger setup, give as much info as you can about the kit and the power adder )
boost/shot (if you’re a boosted car and know the peak boost, post it up. If you’re running nitrous, post the jet size)
other mods (intake mani? lw rotors? FMIC/SMIC? etc.)
other info (any weight reduction done? tire size? density altitude if you know it…however DA corrected times are never going on this list, but it is always interesting to know in extreme cases if a car ran at say -1000 feet, or +6000 feet)

Lastly, this database is fun, and a little competitive, but it’s also VERY educational about what the cars with various mods are capable of. If you go to the strip, even if you run a mediocre time, post it up. Gathering data is the chief reason we have this list, and it’s always great to be able to do relevant comparisons.

A Few Tips on Using the Database

It is searchable, and sortable by each column. You can do a lookup to isolate the car platform or even car/engine/transmission/octane/exhaust config/ECU tune you want (yes, all of them.

i.e. to see how all B8 S4 DSGs with stock cats and exhaust, on pump gas stack up by comparing 60’ times, type the following inputs in the lookup section up top for each column

Vehicle: B8 S4
Oct: <95
Transmission: Auto
Exhaust: stock/stock

This will whittle the database of hundreds of times down to the half dozen or so that meet that configuration

Next, just click 60’ heading and it will sort by that column. Bam, there’s your list

First new addition: matt danger ran 11.96 in his K04 powered B5 S4 on E85 (self tuned). Danger is his…last name.

so this thing is up and running now? link please.

can’t share it yet

The link to his blog? It’s in post #2. Or are you referring to something else?

he’s asking for the link to the quarter mile site.

Oh, reading comprehension fail on my part.

Audirevolution dragstrip database is up and running for all to see. Thanks to the site admin for investing in this for all of us, and thanks to the guys who I asked to give some feedback along the way.

Click the link below and drop me a private message if you have any questions or notice any errors, anomolies or ommissions, and we’ll get them fixed/added if possible.

p.s. this thread hasn’t been updated in a while…because there aren’t many numbers coming in. Let’s change that! I saw a guy on AZ post his stage 3 minus B5 S4 ran 12.8 @ 112, so I’ll get his slips and throw them up. If you see any others, don’t hesitate to post them up in here, or link to other forums so I can update the list.

Looks good! Works quite well on mobile too.

Yeah it is neat

Did you try the search and sort features?

Yeah first thing I did was filter by RS4 and sort by et. Works like a charm on both my android and bb browsers.

just an FYI the way the database is set up it is very easy to link to excel workbooks for analysis

  1. new workbook
  2. click " Data" tab on the ribbon
  3. click “From Web” on the “External Data” Pane
  4. input “” into the address bar
  5. click “Go” (next to address bar) then “Import” at the bottom
  6. wait as it downloads
  7. select address for the imported table

That is pretty awesome there

I’m not sure what click Ata with a Smiley face means though…

Data, I think it assumed a " and a D make a "D

Great work on the database Saki. So useful to be able to sort and browse like that.

And beem that is one awesome Excel tip!

New improved time for theKB

B8 S4 DSG, APR Stage 2 tune/pulley (100 file), 100+ octane, stock exhaust, LW wheels, custom intake

12.3 @ 113

dave@savagemotorsports B5 S4 2.7T, Manual, 93+Meth, J-FONZ+ tweaks, custom 3" catless/SSAC twin Frankenturbo F4 11.768 @ 116 with a 1.68 60’

Mistro B7 RS4 4.2 FSI
94 octane
stock tune, stock downpipes, stock exhaust but with ECS H-pipe resonator delete (sound only)
13.06 @ 107.61 with a 1.86 sixty foot time

I’d like to reach out to you guys to get some help. There are a few guys posting on AZ about their times and I’d like to add them up. Anyone know b6scott? He has a stage 3 minus B5 S4 as well as a B7 Rs4 with a whole shitload of mods (RS4 has a unitronics tune plus all the JHM lightweight mods…and AWE exhaust).

On the second page a timeslip and video of him vs. a C63 AMG was posted, but I’d like to know his full modlist (and I’d like to know if he has run his RS4 since he seems to be at the strip almost weekly)


(here’s his sig…not much info on the B5 as you can see lol)

2007 RS4 Unitronics tune, AWE down pipes and exhaust,body matched reflectors, tints, xenon interior bulbs, ported and polished intake manifold, K&N filter, De-Flapped, AC glove mod, ,JHM short throw ,JHM f/r rotors, JHM lightweight flywheel, JHM stage 4 clutch, JHM solid shift linkage, blackout headlight housing+CC mod, kmd catch can - gone
2001 b5 s4 stage 3-

Finally I have a clutch on my S5 that allowed me to change gear under high loads so I got to the track. First run was a little conservative at 12.25 at 116. The second a ran 11.84/119. Third I tried a harder start but the clutch lit up, so I called it a day. I was running a totally stock clutch with a JHM friction disc and its just not enough for racing. At least I have a nice clutch for the first time in 8 months now I have junked the JHM flyheel. That’s another story!
As far as track conditions are concerned, it was 22 deg C and a strong head wind. I will put the video together over the next few days complete with time slips. I ran a 1.68 60’ on the first run and a 1.719 on the 11.8 run. I think if I have some practice with faster gear changes I could run mid 11’s. Lets face it I have only run 2 1/4’s with the supercharger and that was today. So 11’s is pretty good.